#010: 18 Items Every Nurse Should Probably Have in Their Bag

In This Episode

I’m going to tackle a list of items every nurse should probably have in their bag. I’m also going to go over some product recommendations that I find handy to use. Lastly, you can find the show notes for this episode on nursemoneytalk.com/podcast/10.

You’ll Learn

  • Tour of a Nurse Backpack
  • Recommended and Useful Items of a Nurse
  • List of Items a Nurse Should Have
    1. “Click” Pens
    2. Stethoscope
    3. Snacks
    4. OTC Pain Medications
    5. Smartphone
    6. Water Bottle
    7. A badge on a Retractable Badge Reel
    8. Hand Lotion
    9. Hand Sanitizer
    10. Sharpie
    11. Pen Light
    12. Foldable Clipboard
    13. Nursing Scissors/Bandage Scissors
    14. Drug Guide
    15. Pulse Oximeter
    16. Change of Clothes
    17. Light Sweater
    18. A Watch

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