#011: 15 Important Charting Tips for Nurses

In This Episode

I’m going to go over important charting tips for nurses. Whether you’re a new nurse or a seasoned nurse, we’re confident you’ll find something from this list that will help you in your nursing career. You can find the show notes for this episode on nursemoneytalk.com/podcast/11.

You’ll Learn

Charting Tips for Nurses

  1.  Think Like a Lawyer 
  2. Stop Double Charting
  3. Avoid Inconsistent Charting
  4. Document Events As They Happen
  5. Keep Paper Handy to Jot Down Notes
  6. Avoid Charting Ahead of Time
  7. Avoid Emotional or Opinionated Charting
  8. Trying to Pass off Chicken Scratches as Handwriting
  9. Using Fun Color Ink Pens
  10. Making up your own Abbreviations
  11. Not Following HIPAA Guidelines
  12. Charting in the Wrong Patient’s Chart
  13. Rambling On and Not Being Concise
  14. Erasing Patient Charts
  15. Altering Patient Charts

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