#004: 7 Ways to Get Fired From Your Nursing Job

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In This Episode

I’m going over some of the ways nurses can get fired from their job. I’m also going to go over some quick tips and some nursing do’s and dont’s so you don’t actually get fired yourself. If you are looking for a nursing job you can find it on our job board on nursemoneytalk.com/jobs.

Lastly, you can find the show notes for this episode on nursemoneytalk.com/podcast/4.

You’ll Learn

  • How you can deal with difficult patients
  • Importance of renewing your nursing license or certifications
  • Situations where you might violate HIPAA
  • Things You Should Avoid:
  1. Patient Abuse or Poor Professional Conduct
  2. Not Renewing Your License or Certifications
  3. HIPAA Violations
  4. Social Media Misconduct
  5. Abuse of Prescription or Non-Prescription Drugs
  6. Too Many Absences or Tardies
  7. Making Too Many Mistakes

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