As nurses, we face challenges in our duties, such as exposure to contaminated environments.

Personal protective equipment (PPE), like KN95 masks, provides defense against harmful particles and safeguards us while working.

The Best KN95 Mask For Nurses

I have tried many KN95 masks, including N95s offered at work, and consistently find the HUHETA KN95 to be the best.

HUHETA KN95 Face Masks
  • 5-Ply Protective: This mask is made of 2 non-woven outer layers, 2 melt-blown inner filter, 1…
  • Upgraded Packaging: This package was well packaged with a seal label which includes 30 individually…
  • High Filtration: The minimum filter efficiency is 98%, greatly keeping you from dust, PM 2.5, haze,…

For starters, they work, and as a side note, they also work well for dealing with patients with unpleasant body order.

Besides the essential parts that work well and are high quality, there are also non-essential reasons why I like these masks.

The first reason is that they come in multiple different colors, making accessorizing possible.

Plus, the added benefit of knowing which mask is mine if I set it down. The one above is black, but here’s another color.

kn95 mask

If you’re the type of person who likes to really accessorize and have a mask color for all scrub colors, they also sell a box with assorted KN95 colors.

The last thing I like about the HUHETA KN95 face masks is that they come individually wrapped.

This makes it easier for me because I don’t like to carry the whole box, but instead, I’ll grab a couple for my shift and throw it in my bag for work.


K95 masks are not N95 masks. If you didn’t know, KN95 masks are a Chinese standard for respirator masks.

Like N95 masks, they are supposed to filter 95% of particles to meet the KN95 designation.

No medical advise or recommendations is being given in this article.

For more information, reference the manufactures documentation, your facility guidelines, or the CDC.

Best KN95 Masks for Nurses

In the following list, you’ll find the top KN95 masks designed to provide outstanding comfort and protection for nurses during long shifts.

1. America1 KN95 Face Masks

America1 KN95 Face Masks
These American-made KN95 face masks offer excellent protection and comfort for nurses in various settings.

America1 KN95 face masks are a great choice for nurses looking to protect themselves during their daily tasks.

With four layers of protection, these masks provide a safe, filtered environment, ensuring optimum coverage for your face.

Created by professional personal protective equipment manufacturers in Eastlake, Ohio, the masks comply with safety standards and have a ≥95% filtration efficiency.

The masks are lightweight and breathable, offering maximum comfort throughout a long workday.

The soft, odorless, and fluid-resistant material contours well to your face, making the mask non-irritating and pleasant to wear.

Nurses can enjoy increased breathing space, thanks to the skin-friendly design, while still receiving excellent protection.


  • Made in the USA with high-quality materials
  • 4 layers of protection and ≥95% filtration efficiency
  • Comfortable and breathable design


  • May not fit small and slim faces perfectly
  • Material moves slightly with exhaling and inhaling
  • Some may find the size a bit small

2. Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask

Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask
These Hotodeal KN95 masks offer essential workers, healthcare professionals, and the general public reliable and tested filtration efficiency while considering comfort and convenience.

The Hotodeal KN95 face mask provides a comfortable, portable, and practical solution for those in need of reliable face protection.

The mask’s soft elastic ear loop design helps to relieve pressure on the ears and improve comfortability, while the inserted metal nose clip ensures a snug and secure fit on your face.

Whether on duty or going about your day, you will appreciate the lightweight and foldable design, making it easy to have a mask on hand when needed.


  • Over 95% tested filtration efficiency
  • Comfortable soft elastic ear loop design
  • Flexible metal nose clip for a secure fit


  • Might be too small for larger faces
  • Only four layers of protection instead of five

3. Lyka Distribution KN95 Face Masks – 50 Pack

Lyka Distribution KN95 Face Masks
These KN95 face masks provide extra protection and filtration, making them an ideal choice for nurses looking to stay safe in busy professional settings.

95% with Comfortable Elastic Ear Loop | Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric">Lyka Distribution KN95 face masks offer a five-layer design, providing extra protection and filtration greater than 95%.

With two polypropylene non-woven layers, two meltblown filter cloths, and one non-woven cotton middle layer, these masks offer nurses the peace of mind they need when working in crowded environments.

The adjustable ear loops ensure a comfortable fit, adapting to an individual’s face shape, which is essential when wearing a mask for long periods.

Additionally, these masks are foldable and lightweight, easily fitting in your pocket or bag, and can be taken anywhere without any hassle.


  • 5-ply design for added security and filtration
  • Adjustable ear loops for a comfortable fit
  • Foldable and compact for easy transport


  • Ear loops might feel tight for users with larger heads
  • Fit might be too large for users with smaller faces

4. Miuphro Multiple Colour KN95 Face Mask

Miuphro Multiple Colour KN95 Face Mask
This Miuphro KN95 mask is a great choice for nurses seeking comfort, protection, and style while working.

The Miuphro Multiple Colour KN95 Face Mask is a pack of 50 disposable masks designed specifically for nurses who require both protection and comfort during their work hours.

Made from 2 non-woven outer layers, 2 melt-blown inner filters, and 1 non-woven cotton middle layer, these KN95 masks provide more protection compared to standard 3-ply disposable masks.

One of the features that make this mask stand out is the variety of colors it offers.

The pack includes 10 masks each in grey, pink, red, purple, and blue, allowing you to match them with your clothes according to your preference.

This offers a bit of style to an otherwise mundane piece of personal protective equipment.


  • Filter efficiency of more than 95%
  • Five lovely colors for personal preference
  • Designed to fit facial lines comfortably


  • Metal nose clip is fixed to the inner side of the mask
  • No batteries included or required

5. HUHETA KN95 Face Masks

HUHETA KN95 Face Masks
These HUHETA KN95 Face Masks are a reliable and comfortable option for nurses seeking effective protection.

HUHETA KN95 Face Masks, available in packs of 30 individually wrapped masks, ensure convenience and hygiene for nurses on-the-go.

Each mask is designed with a 5-ply protective structure, including two melt-blown layers and a moisture-absorbing non-woven fabric middle layer, offering more protection than a standard 3-ply disposable mask.

The high filtration rate of 98% effectively protects against dust, haze, smoke, and other pollutants.

The high-elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip guarantee a comfortable fit, preventing strain on your ears.

The masks are lightweight and foldable, easily covering your mouth, nose, and chin while creating a tight seal that doesn’t fog up your glasses.


  • 5-ply protection with two melt-blown layers
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene and portability
  • High filtration rate of 98%


  • Ear loops may need slight adjustment for optimal fit
  • Some users report inconsistent quality in packages

6. HALIDODO KN95 Face Mask 60-Pack

The HALIDODO KN95 Face Mask is a comfortable and protective choice for nurses seeking reliable and breathable masks.

These HALIDODO KN95 Face Masks come in a pack of 60 and offer effective protection against dust, haze, smoke, and other pollutants.

With 5-ply construction, these masks have a higher filtering ability than standard 3-ply disposable masks.

The skin-friendly non-woven fabric ensures a comfortable wearing experience without causing irritation.

Individually wrapped and available in multiple colors, these masks are easy to carry in your backpack, purse, or pocket.

The high-elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip provide a snug fit over your nose, mouth, and chin.

This also helps prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing the mask.


  • Individually wrapped for hygiene
  • 5-ply protection for better filtering
  • Comfortable and breathable design


  • Possible variations in strap length

7. Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack

Funight KN95 Face Masks
These Funight KN95 Face Masks are a reliable and comfortable choice for nurses looking for quality and breathable protection.

The Funight KN95 Face Masks provide a high filtration efficiency of at least 96%, conforming to the demanding GB2626-2019 respiratory protection standards.

This ensures that nurses can trust these masks to filter out harmful particles, such as fine dust and airborne molecules.

Comfort is a priority with the Funight Ventilation Series KN95 Face Masks.

The ear loop width has been increased to 5.6 mm to reduce ear pain, and ultrasonic welding technology ensures a strong and smooth finish.

This design accommodates long hours of mask-wearing required in medical settings.

With five protective layers, including two non-woven outer layers and two melt-blown inner layers, these masks offer better filtration than disposable 3-ply masks.

The non-woven middle layer also absorbs small moisture particles, enhancing the mask’s overall protective capabilities.


  • Meets GB2626-2019 respiratory protection standards
  • Comfortable ear loop design
  • 5-ply layers offering better protection


  • Possible variations in strap length
  • May not fit well on smaller faces

8. akgk KN95 Face Mask 50 PCS

Akgk KN95 Face Mask
The akgk KN95 Face Mask offers reliable protection and breathability, making it a worthwhile option for nurses.

This Akgk KN95 Face Mask features a 5-ply design, with two layers of non-woven fabric, two layers of melt-blown fabric, and one layer of hot air cotton.

This combination provides a high level of breathing protection and filter efficiency, perfect for nurses who need reliable masks during their shifts.

The mask’s high-quality elastic ear loops ensure a comfortable fit, making it less of a burden to wear for extended periods.

The breathable fabric also means that these masks are suitable for all seasons, providing versatility and comfort throughout the year.


  • High filter efficiency
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops
  • Suitable for all seasons


  • Tight fit for some
  • Stiff and pointy front

9. WWDOLL KN95 Face Mask 25 Pack, 5-Layers Breathable KN95 Masks, Black

WWDOLL KN95 Face Mask
A reliable option for nurses who prioritize comfort and breathability without compromising protection.

TheWWDOLL KN95 face mask offers a 5-layer design, ensuring high filtration efficiency and effective protection against particles.

The 3D shape of the mask is tailored to fit the human face, increasing the breathing volume and making it more comfortable to wear.

This mask is a suitable choice for nurses who are looking for a balance between comfort and protection, especially while working long hours.

One of the notable features of this mask is the elastic ear loops, which eliminate pressure on the ears and allow for easy adjustment.

The adjustable metal nose clip also ensures a secure fit on your face to keep unfiltered air from seeping in.


  • 5-layer design for high filtration efficiency
  • 3D shape ensures a secure fit on various face shapes
  • Elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip provide added comfort


  • May not be suitable for small faces
  • Outer layer may attract lint and dust

10. LEVENIS KN95 Face Masks

LEVENIS KN95 Face Masks
These LEVENIS KN95 face masks provide a high level of protection with a comfortable fit, making them a worthwhile purchase for nurses.

LEVENIS KN95 face masks provide an excellent fit, and you’ll appreciate the high-elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip that ensure comfortable and secure wear.

The 3D design of these masks ensures they fit tightly around your face, covering your mouth, nose, and chin without fogging up your glasses.

With both non-woven outer layers and melt-blown inner filters, these masks offer more protection than standard 3-ply disposable masks.

Despite having only four layers, their protective capacity is equal to that of a 5-layer mask.


  • Filter efficiency ≥ 95%
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly material
  • 3D design fits well around the face


  • Possible itching for some wearers
  • Possible makeup staining on the inside of the mask

Buying Guide

When looking for the best KN95 masks for nurses, there are several factors to consider in order to make the right choice.

The following guide will provide helpful information for selecting the perfect mask.

1. Comfort and Fit

Wearing a mask for extended periods demands comfort and a proper fit.

Look for masks with adjustable nose bridges and ear loops to ensure a secure fit that doesn’t cause discomfort.

Soft materials, such as non-woven fabrics, can increase comfort for long shifts.

2. Filtration Efficiency

The mask’s primary purpose is to protect the wearer and those around them by filtering out airborne particles.

Look for KN95 masks with a minimum filtration efficiency of 95%, as this is the standard for effective protection.

A mask with higher filtration efficiency will offer even better protection.

3. Breathability

Breathability is essential for maintaining comfort and preventing fatigue when wearing a mask.

Low resistance materials and exhalation valves can improve breathability, reducing moisture buildup and making it more comfortable for long periods.

4. Certifications

Ensure that the mask you choose is certified by recognized organizations, such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) or the FDA.

Certified products have undergone testing to meet stringent quality and safety standards.

5. Price and Availability

Lastly, consider the price and availability of the masks, as nurses may need a consistent supply.

While higher-priced masks may offer additional features, it’s essential to find a mask that balances function, quality, and affordability.

Key Takeaways

By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision when selecting the best KN95 masks for nurses, providing the protection and comfort needed for the job.

Have You Read These Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the list of FDA-approved KN95 masks on the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) page. The webpage is frequently updated to include new approvals and revocations. It is important to check this list periodically to ensure the mask you are using is FDA-approved.

To find affordable KN95 masks, check online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, as well as websites of reliable manufacturers and suppliers. You may come across discounts or bulk purchase deals, which can help reduce the cost. However, make sure to verify the authenticity of the product before making a purchase.

Several brands offer KN95 masks in different sizes, catering to various face shapes and sizes. Browse through manufacturer websites or online marketplaces to find a mask that suits your face size. Remember to read user reviews to understand the comfort and fit offered by the mask.

While there are several top KN95 mask brands in the USA, some of the most popular ones include 3M, Honeywell, and Kimberly-Clark. Look for masks that offer filtration efficiency, breathability, and comfortable fit when making your decision.

For NIOSH-approved KN95 masks, refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, which provides an up-to-date list of NIOSH-approved masks. Keep in mind that KN95 masks are regulated differently than N95 masks and may not meet the same criteria.

KN95 masks have a similar filtration efficiency to N95 masks, which means they can filter out at least 95% of airborne particles. The key difference is that KN95 masks are regulated by the Chinese government, while N95 masks are regulated by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). When choosing a mask for safety and protection, consider your specific needs, regulatory requirements, and mask availability.

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