Your Nursing Career

a nurse and a medical assistant

The Difference Between a Nurse and a Medical Assistant: (Nurse vs MA)

Medical assistant vs nurse ―which one should you choose? The answer lies in your professional preference as well as career

sign that says jobs

5 Best Job Boards for Nurses

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Check out the best job boards for nurses so you can start applying for your dream nursing job.

a nurse talking to a patient in their home

15 Unique Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs

 Are you tired of spending your days nursing patients at their bedsides? Is nurse burnout knocking on your door? Don’t

a nurse holding a tablet for an electronic medical record

15 Not-So-Obvious Documentation & Charting Tips for Nurses

Charting tips for nurses. Tips, tricks and advice to be better at your nurse documenting during your shift. Many nurses get in trouble for mistake #9…

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