5 Best Nursing Jobs for Flexibility

If you’re looking for flexible nursing jobs than see our list of the best nursing jobs for flexibility. Our favorite nursing job for family balance is…
a working pregnant nurse

5+ Best Nursing Jobs While Pregnant

If you’re a pregnant nurse than you need to check out our list of the best nursing jobs while pregnant. Our favorite job for a pregnant nurse is…


How To Pass The NCLEX The First Time: 10 Tips For Success

Do you want to know how to pass the NCLEX the first time? We’ve got you covered with our favorite tips for success. For starters…

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How to Pass Nursing School Exams

Tests in nursing school are very hard. To help we’ve created some tips to help you learn how to pass nursing school exams. One tip for passing is to…


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Is Medical Terminology Hard?

Are you wondering just how hard is medical terminology class? We’re going to tell you if it’s easy or not plus give you some tips to ace the class.
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Example of a Nurse Cover Letter (Template+Guide)

Are you trying to figure out how to write a nurse cover letter? We’ve got you covered with some examples of a nurse cover letter template plus our easy guide.

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10 Best Side Hustles for Nurses

Are you looking for some side hustles as a nurse? We’ve got you covered. #7 is one of the favorites.

a sick nurse in bed with phone

When Should a Nurse Call in Sick?

We’re going to cover when shold a nurse call in sick. Plus we’ll discuss some of the reasons why nurses don’t call in sick even when they should.
a nurse looking at her credit score

Can Nurses Have Bad Credit?

If you’re wondering, “can nurses have bad credit?” than read this article. We also cover fixing your credit score and why a good credit score is important.

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Do Nurses Make Good Money?

Before applying to nursing school you’re probably wondering “do nurses make good money?” We’re going to answer that plus compare the wages of nurses vs…
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tennis shoes for a nurse

15 Best Shoes for Nurses

This is the list of the best shoes for nurses. Some of the shoes on our list include, clogs, Nikes, tennis shoes and the list go on. Our top pick is…

a tall nurse wearing scrubs

5 Best Scrubs for Tall Nurses

As a tall nurse I understand the struggle. That’s why I’ve researched the best scrubs for tall nurses. One of my favorite scrubs for tall nurses is…
a pregnant nurse at work

5 Best Maternity Scrubs for Nurses

If you’re a pregnant nurse you need to check out our researched list of the best maternity scrubs for nurses. Our #1 maternity scrub for nurses is…

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