How To Pass The NCLEX The First Time: 10 Tips For Success

Do you want to know how to pass the NCLEX the first time? We’ve got you covered with our favorite tips for success. For starters…

10 Best Jobs for Nursing Students

If you’re a nursing student or about to be a nursing student you’ll need to read this article. We go over the best jobs for nursing students.

Do Nurses Make Good Money?

Before applying to nursing school you’re probably wondering “do nurses make good money?” We’re going to answer that plus compare the wages of nurses vs…

Am I Too Old to Go to Nursing School?

We’re answering the question many older pre-nursing students have which is “Am I too old to go to nursing school?” Being too old for nursing school…


25 Must-Know New Grad Nurse Do’s And Don’ts

Oh, those first few years as a new grad nurse can be difficult. The first thing you need to remember is that…

Can a New Nurse Work in the ER?

We’re answering the question “can a new nurse work in the er?” The answer isn’t very straightforward because a new nurse…

Can a New Nurse Be a Travel Nurse?

We’re answering the question “can a new nurse be a travel nurse?” The answer is that for new grad nurses being a travel nurse is…


How to Give Constructive Feedback in Nursing

Constructive feedback in nursing is an essential part of both nursing leadership and professional development. The most important thing to remember is…


10 Best Side Hustles for Nurses

Are you looking for some side hustles as a nurse? We’ve got you covered. #7 is one of the favorites.

Do Nurses Get Pensions?

We’re answering the question “do nurses get pensions?” We’re also discussing what pensions are and some pros and cons nurses should know about pensions.


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