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Insights of a Nurse

Here are some answers to questions commonly asked.

Nursing school is without a doubt very challenging but it's not impossible and can be done.

Being a nurse allows to you work in a job that has a lot of demand doing meaningful work that touches the lives of others.

Being a nurse will allow you to be comfortable and be able to take care of your loved ones. If money is your end game (nothing wrong with that) there are other professions that make a lot more money.

Find Out Where You Need to Start

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Tips and Advice For Every Stage of Your Nursing Career

Resources to help you regardless of what stage in your career you're on.

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Becoming a Nurse

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Nursing Student

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Nursing Career

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What People are Saying

Here's what others are saying about NurseMoneyTalk on the YouTube channel.

Love this channel! So insightful and easy to watch man.
YouTube Subscriber
Thank you for the video – I am struggling with going back to school – Nursing. Everything you mentioned is correct. People in my life are questioning me about this decision. I have wanted to be in the medical field since I was young, now 55. Just signed up for classes and was doubting. So thank you!!!! 🙂
YouTube Subscriber
Great video! Made me smile instead of crying. My first smile in a while since I have started my preceptorship. Had an anxiety attack today. Again, thank you!
YouTube Subscriber
Thank you for all the information you provide.
I will go back to school in two years. Is there a way to prepare (books, podcast ect.) Before I start the community college route? Your webpage is also very informative.
Thank you
YouTube Subscriber

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