Top 10 Best Places to Study Near You

best places to study for a test
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College classes involve finding study spaces that are quiet and conducive to study.

You need a place with good lighting, comfortable seating, and power outlets.

I’ve always found it best to study in places that are near my home or campus, with a variety of options.

I also like to vary my study spots, depending on the type of research, reading, or writing activity that I need to accomplish.  

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Best Places to Study

1. Library 

There are a few library options, from the ones on campus to the local city branches.

A library is a perfect place to study because you can always find a lot of light, comfortable seating, and power outlets.

You can use thousands of books to conduct research, use computers and other technology, and even use reserved study rooms.

Are you carrying around a lot of books? Try buying ebooks on the Kindle to help lighten up the load on your backpack. Check out the Kindle (on Amazon) if you haven’t already.

2. Coffee Shops 

studying at a coffee shop
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College towns always have more than their fair share of coffee shops near campus.

I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee or tea while reading, writing, or studying for my classes.

Who doesn’t love a good caffeinated rush while studying? 

My favorite places include comfortable seating, access to power outlets, and free Wi-Fi.  

3. Parks 

City parks can be a mixed bag. You can sit outside on a bench or on the grass.

The natural light is great during the daytime, but it’s not such a great solution for study in the evening or during bad weather.

You can sometimes find outlets in a park, but they’re not always conveniently located.

Plus most parks don’t offer free Wi-Fi access.  

4. Bookstore 

Bookstores are great spots for studying, with many offering comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi access, and access to study material.

The access to regular study spots can vary depending on the store, as does the access to coffee, tea, or other beverages.

Bookstores don’t always offer easy access to power outlets.

Some bookstores may not allow you to browse the books as freely as you’d like, so it takes a special kind of place.   

5. Community Center 

A community center supports all sorts of activities and organizations, including sports, clubs, etc.

You can organize study groups for your classes, with Wi-Fi access, convenient power outlets, and quiet rooms.

They may charge for the use of the room, but you can sometimes find open lounge areas or empty, unused rooms for on-the-fly study sessions.  

6. Study Spaces 

study spaces
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I’ve found some study spaces to be more flexible. I can find spots in unused classrooms or offices, lounge areas, or other areas.

On-campus, you’ll have easy Wi-Fi access, as well as seating and great lighting.

You can usually find lots of power outlets for long study sessions.

Sometimes it just takes some creative thinking to find the right study nook(s) for your study needs.

7. Your Room

Studying in your room is always a good option for all these reasons.

  • You don’t have to go anywhere.
  • You don’t have to pack up and bring anything with you.
  • You have everything you need within a couple steps.
  • You can study in whatever attire you want. Whether that’s in your pajamas or in your underwear.

Studying in your room doesn’t work if you have noisy roommates or neighbors. Or if you’re easily distracted by whatever is in your room.

8. A Classmates House

If you study with a partner or a group it might be a good idea to rotate studying at each other’s house.

It has a lot of the convenience of studying in your room while not giving you as many distractions as you would if you were studying by yourself at your place.

9. The Gym

Here me out because studying for at the gym might not be immediately obvious.

If you’re the type of person that records lectures than consider replaying those lectures while you’re doing a repetitive task like running on a treadmill or lifting weights.

It may not be the most ideal, but it is a great way to be able to reinforce what you know with lectures while you’re also working out.

If you don’t have a recorder for lectures, consider getting one of these recorders on Amazon.

10. In a Car

Above I mentioned about listening to lectures while you’re at the gym.

Do you know another great place you can listen to lectures while you’re doing a repetitive activity?

In a car.

Instead of listening to music or a podcast listen to a lecture or to a recording of you going over materials for a test.

This works if you’re the one driving.

It also works if you’re the passenger. Except, if you’re the passenger you can even flip through flashcards.

You can get flashcards on your phone by using a flashcard app such as Quizlet.

Final Thoughts

Why Study Spots are so Important?  

Study spaces and spots are quiet places for reflection, reading, writing, and research. I’m able to focus, learn, and retain information.

The best spots also include Wi-Fi, access to power outlets, and plenty of light. It’s the clean, well-lighted place that Hemingway writes about.

I can use my headphones to listen to music, or just enjoy the quiet atmosphere to complete my work.  

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