I’m going to answer a question about whether or not you can get kicked out of nursing school for being pregnant or for being a parent.

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Can You Get Kicked Out of Nursing School for Being Pregnant?

You’re not going to get kicked out of nursing school for being pregnant or for being a parent. Legally they can’t do that. You might decide to leave or transfer schools if your current school doesn’t fit your situation.

Going to School Pregnant or With Kids is Going to Be Hard

a working pregnant nurse

I went to school with nursing students who were pregnant, had kids already, or became pregnant during nursing school.

I can tell you from my nursing school experience that having kids or being pregnant won’t get you kicked out of nursing school. Technically there would most likely be some legal ramifications if a school did try to do that.

All that being said, your nursing program will try to work with you if you’re pregnant or have family issues going on.

There’s Only So Much Accomodation Schools Can Do

The problem is that there are only so many accommodations nursing schools can do for you.

If you’re pregnant, you may have a complicated pregnancy that makes you constantly tired or not feeling well and, in worst cases, hospitalized.

Even if you don’t have a difficult pregnancy, you’re going to be challenged more because of your physical state than you would have if you weren’t pregnant.

Suppose you’re not pregnant and just have kids. Having someone dependent on you can feel draining as you try to divide your time between being a full-time student and being a full-time parent.

The worst part of all of this is the guilt many moms will struggle with when you’re in a situation that requires you to choose between being a mom and something else.

No nursing school is going to fix any of that. They might flex your schedule a little bit or let you turn in assignments at a different date, but ultimately those are minor fixes in the grand scheme of things.

That’s not to say those accommodations aren’t helpful because they are, but there’s only so much good it will do.

Switching and Leaving a Program

In some cases, you might decide the nursing program you’re going to is not working out for your needs.

Maybe you’re in a full-time nursing program, and you need a part-time nursing program. Or perhaps you’re in a traditional program, and you need a hybrid or an online-only nursing program to give you the ultimate flexibility.

If that’s you, go here to start searching for nursing programs.

Regardless of your situation, just know many others have gone through nursing school while they were pregnant. It does take a challenging situation and make it even harder, but it’s NOT impossible.

I wrote a guide on how you can survive nursing school while pregnant. Check that guide out for more information.

Have You Read These Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a baby at any time will make things more challenging, and having a baby during nursing school is no exception. It can be done, and your nursing school will work with you. Make sure you understand things will become more challenging moving forward.

You can do clinicals while pregnant. Make sure to start the conversation early with your school program on any challenges or accommodations you may need.

Yes, it’s hard going to school while pregnant, but it can be done. Your school will work with you on any accommodations you may need, but understand school will be more difficult with pregnancy.

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