When I was researching my previous article on how to become a flight nurse, there was a question that I kept seeing over and over again.

That question had to do with the weight requirements of a flight nurse. Because of that, I figured I should do a little bit more research to figure out the answer. 

So, what is the weight limit for a flight nurse? Many flight programs want their flight nurse to weigh about 250lbs, including their apparel and medical equipment. Ultimately the less you weigh, the better because all aircraft have weight limits. 

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Why is there a weight limit for flight nurses?

As mentioned above, weight ends up playing a big part in being a flight nurse for the following reasons.

Aircraft performance. The typical aircraft performance can be very dependent on the total weight of the passengers they are carrying.

Fuel Reserve. Weight plays a part in calculating fuel reserve and how far the plane will travel.

Space on the actual aircraft. The aircraft flight nurses are in can be very small. For that reason, both weight and height must be something that is monitored. 

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More Information on Flight Nursing

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To recap this article on flight nurse weight requirements, weight and height play a crucial factor on the plane because of limited space and carrying capacity of the aircraft.

Based on our research, it seems that even if a nurse is qualified to be a flight nurse, they might not get the job because of their height or weight.

Hopefully, you found this article informative.

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