The Power of First Impressions-Why it Matters for your Career


Have you heard of the saying, “first impressions are everything!”

While you might have heard of it, you might not put a lot of weight in it.

We all like to believe that people won’t come to hasty conclusions about us, without really getting to know us.  

We would like to believe that people will form conclusions about who we are based on several interactions with us.

Unfortunately (for most of us) that is not the case and the power of first impressions can hold a lot more weight than we might think.

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According to Business Insider within seconds of meeting someone we have already passed “judgment” on that person.

In general, most of how people receive communication is nonverbal.

While we might not know anything about a person, our perceived interactions with that person based on our own biases can lead us to pass quick judgments.

Judgments that frankly may or may not be true and can potentially shape the interactions we have with that person indefinitely.


First Impressions Power and its Effect on your Career

First impressions are the most lasting.
— Proverbs

One of the culprits affecting the power of first impressions is a phenomenon termed the “halo effect.”

The halo effect according to, is the risk of an impression which was created in one area, influencing an opinion in another area.

For example, this halo effect would be one of the reasons why it’s important to dress professionally and be on time for an interview.

It’s possible that the interviewer could think that you are competent and qualified for a job even if that’s not the case based on those criteria.

The reverse could easily be said.

Dressing in an unprofessional manner to an interview could lead the interviewer to think that you are not qualified for the job even if you were the most qualified person interviewed.

Some tips that have been mentioned such as smiling, firm handshake etc.

These are all done to try to shape the first impression.

Even performance reviews can be negatively or positively impacted based on those first impressions that were made.

Have you witnessed how the power of first impressions have benefited or hurt you in your career?

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