5 Best Crocs Nursing Shoes

crocs nursing shoes

Originally designed as a boating shoe, Crocs have come a long way since their inception in 2001.

They are now some of the most commonly-worn footwear in the world.

Nurses love how comfortable and breathable they are.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Crocs available for you to wear.

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Top Picks

5 Best Crocs Nursing Shoes

1. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog

Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs
  • WORK CLOGS FOR WOMEN: Neria is dependable and ready to make the rounds with protection and comfort every step of the way. These are the work Crocs women need for long days and nights.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crocs Neria Pro II clogs are fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry.
  • ROOMY FIT: These Crocs slip resistant shoes offer a generous, roomy fit with heels that meet workplace standards. The updated style includes removable, washable footbed liners.

Two of the most comfortable footwear options come together to form these Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs.

They provide the full coverage of a clog with the lightweight, relaxed feel that Crocs are known for.

The bottoms are slip-resistant, which is a great feature if you work on hard surfaces.

They are also fully washable, and even the footbeds are removable for easy cleaning with dish soap and water.

The tops do tend to be a bit tight, but they stretch out over time.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Slip-resistant bottoms
  • Removable footbeds are washable and easy-to-clean


  • Tight across the top
  • Not as breathable as other Crocs
  • Toe box isn’t very roomy

Check the price of the Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs on Amazon.com.

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2. Crocs Women’s On The Clock Work Slip On

Crocs Women's On The Clock Work Slip On
  • THE PERFECT WORK CROCS: Do your shoes live up to your career specialty? The Crocs On-The-Clock Work Slip On Clogs are the Crocs work shoes men and women need for long days and nights.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crocs work clogs are fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry.
  • CERTIFIABLY COMFORTABLE: Think of these slip resistant shoes as a caffeinated version of the Crocs Classic Clog, all geared up for the grind. The enclosed toe and heel meet workplace standards and...

A nice, clean look that meets many workplace safety standards is what you’ll find with these Crocs Women's On The Clock Work Slip On shoes.

Although they only come in black, the design of them is streamlined and goes well with any scrub set or uniform.

They are easy-to-clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth or fully submerged in soap and water and allowed to air dry.

The bottoms include slip-resistant treads, but they do wear down over time and may need more frequent replacement. An cushioned footbed will keep your feet comfortable all day.


  • Clean look
  • Hand washable
  • Cushioned footbed


  • Bottom treads wear down quickly
  • Only available in black
  • No holes for breathability

Check the price of the Crocs Women's On The Clock Work Slip On on Amazon.com.

3. Crocs Bistro Graphic Clog

Crocs Bistro Graphic Clogs
  • Platform measures approximately 0.105
  • ASTM F2913-11 tested, CE Certified. Meets or exceeds EN ISO 20347:2012, OB, SRC
  • Enclosed toe design and thicker metatarsal area help protect foot from kitchen spills

If you’re looking for more of a standard Croc, these Crocs Bistro Graphic Clogs are perfect for you. They feature a versatile back strap that switched to the front for an open back.

You can choose from 7 great designs, including a basic black and an exciting flame design.

There are slip-resistant treads on the bottom to help you keep your footing on slippery surfaces.

The 100% Croslite construction can be hand washed with soap and water for easy cleanup.

They do run a bit narrow, so size up if you have wide feet.


  • Versatile back strap design
  • Several fun color options
  • Slip-resistant bottom treads


  • Sizing runs small
  • No holes to allow for air flow
  • Some designs peel off after awhile

Check the price of the Crocs Bistro Graphic Clogs on Amazon.com.

4. Crocs Specialist II Clog

Crocs Specialist II Clogs
  • THE PERFECT WORK CROCS: Do your shoes live up to your career specialty? The Specialist II Clogs are the Crocs work shoes men and women need because they are perfect for long days and nights
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crocs Specialist II clogs are fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry
  • THICK CONSTRUCTION FOR TOE PROTECTION: The Crocs At Work collection was designed with nurses, chefs and handworkers in mind The thicker toe and metatarsal regions protect feet from spills

Made specifically for those who stand on their feet for long periods of time, these Crocs Specialist II Clogs are ideal for busy nurses.

The unique nubs on the inside of the footbed massage the feet with every step, leaving your feet less tired and sore at the end of a shift.

The footbed is also contoured to provide maximum arch support for all types of arches.

These come in 3 versatile colors- navy, white, and black.

The movable back strap can be placed in the front or back of the shoe. The thick toe bed provides protection while you’re working.


  • Massaging footbed
  • Maximum arch support
  • Versatile back strap


  • Only 3 colors
  • Sizing runs small
  • Damaged if placed in the sun

Check the price of the Crocs Specialist II Clogs on Amazon.com.

5. Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog

Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clogs
  • CROCS AT WORK: Clogs designed with food service, hospitality, and healthcare workers in mind, making great Nursing Shoes or Chef Shoes. They’re light and supportive enough to get you through even...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crocs Mercy Work clogs are fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry
  • SLIP RESISTANT SHOES FOR WOMEN: Crocs Lock slip-resistant treads come together to help you serve up the best non-slip shoes for women

A shoe that meets many common workplace standards, these Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clogs have just about everything a nurse could want.

A lightweight, comfortable design with a contoured footbed provides superior cushioning and arch support to help eliminate tired, achy feet. The rubber sole provides some traction on hard surfaces, which is an important safety feature required by many employers.

These Crocs are not vented like some other options, so your feet may become hot if worn for long periods of time.

Wearing breathable, moisture wicking socks can help alleviate this problem.


  • Lightweight materials
  • Contoured footbed for excellent arch support
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole


  • Not vented for breathability
  • Tight across the top
  • Massaging nubs on the footbed wear away quickly

Check the price of the Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clogs on Amazon.com.

Shoe Buying Guide for Nurses

1. Advantages of Croslite

Crocs are mainly made from Croslite, which is a type of foam that molds to the foot when worn over a period of time.

This is what makes Crocs truly unique and allows them to be easily washed without damaging them.

The foam has many medical benefits, including it being lightweight, breathable, and resistant to odors.

There aren’t many downsides to Croslite, but it isn’t as durable as some other materials commonly found in shoes, like rubber or leather.

For an everyday shoe with minor wear and tear, it’s an excellent choice.

2. Vented vs. Non-Vented

Vented shoes are usually made from breathable materials like mesh, or they have holes in them to allow air flow in.

While some Crocs come with holes in them, not all of them do for safety reasons.

Air holes can pose a safety risk if something gets dropped on to the foot.

That’s why many workplaces recommend footwear that completely covers the foot.

If you suffer from hot, sweaty feet and can’t wear vented Crocs at work, try wearing thin, lightweight socks that wick moisture away from the feet and allow for some breathability.

3. Rubber Treads

Slip-resistant shoes are a must-have for nurses who are constantly running around during their shift.

Working on hard surfaces that can become slippery when wet leaves the potential for falls that could result in an injury.

Rubber treads on the bottom of shoes is the best way to provide some traction on hard surfaces. Some Crocs come with rubber treads, making them safe to wear on hard surfaces.

Ones without rubber treads should only be worn on carpeting, grass, or other non-slippery, soft surfaces.

4. Arch Support

You may not think that Crocs provide a lot of arch support, but many styles actually do.

Ones that feature a contoured footbed with extra cushioning are best for those with high or normal arches.

Crocs are also ideal for those with flat feet because they provide a harder surface than most other footbeds, which gives the firm support that low arches need.

Not wearing shoes with the correct arch support can lead to foot problems, such as:

5. Washable

One of the biggest benefits of Crocs is that almost all of them are washable.

The foam they are made out of is waterproof and can be hand washed with dish soap and water.

They are not machine-washable, and they can not be placed in direct sunlight or heat to dry. Doing so can cause the foam to shrink and the colors to fade.

The best way to dry them is to pat them dry with a cloth and then allow them to air dry at room temperature. They can be washed as often as needed, including after each work shift.

Final Thoughts

Crocs meet many standards set by medical facilities for their employees, so they are a great option for nurses to wear.

They are becoming more stylish as time goes on and the comfort can’t be matched. If you want lightweight shoes that keep your feet comfortable all day, consider Crocs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are crocs good nursing shoes?

    Many nurses find crocs comfortable and supportive to wear for their -8, -10, -12, or even -16 hour nursing shift.

  2. Are you supposed to wear socks with croc nursing shoes?

    Many nurses choose to wear crocs shoes with socks. There are some pros and cons with each one, but ultimately pick the one that’s most comfortable for you during your shift.

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