I discussed previously on my YouTube channel whether or not hospitals actually lay off their staff.

You can find the video below, along with the answer. As a side note, check out the job board for current nursing positions.

Hospitals and Layoffs: Does it Happen?

The short answer is yes, hospitals can and do lay off employees. These can include anything from “non-essential” workers to even essential workers such as nurses and physicians.”

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Tough Economic Times

In the current economic climate, it’s no secret that layoffs are a reality for many industries.

However, it may surprise some that even hospitals, a sector typically considered to be relatively stable, are not immune to layoffs.

Recent reports have shown that hospitals across the country are laying off employees, with some health systems cutting as many as 262 workers and 52 hospitals laying off 4,000 workers.

These cuts are not limited to specific regions or types of hospitals. They are happening in facilities and health systems of all sizes and locations.

What Does That Mean For Healthcare Workers?

health care workers

So, what does this mean for healthcare workers? It means you need to be prepared.

Whether you’re a nurse, physician, nurse aide, respiratory therapist, or any other hospital staff member, it’s important to be aware that layoffs in the healthcare industry are possible.

It’s also important to note this may be the start of a new era in healthcare where layoffs become more common.

While healthcare has traditionally been a relatively stable industry, the current economic climate, and ongoing healthcare reforms may lead to more layoffs in the future.

How to Prepare For Potential Layoffs

I plan to make another video and write another article that will go into this topic more in-depth. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to my email list so you don’t miss either update when I publish them.

In the meantime, here are some quick steps to consider when preparing for a potential layoff. For starters, consider building your professional network.

Staying current with industry trends and skills and keeping your resume current. Additionally, having a financial plan is critical to ensure you and your family can weather a layoff.

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Find Your Next Nursing Job
Use the NurseMoneyTalk job board to look for and apply to great nursing jobs near you.

Key Takeaways

While it may be uncomfortable to think about, layoffs are a reality in the healthcare industry just like any other.

It’s crucial for healthcare workers to be aware of this possibility and to take steps to prepare for it.

By staying informed, building a professional network, staying current with industry trends and skills, and having a financial plan, you can be better equipped to handle a potential layoff.

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