Here’s my answer to the question of whether or not nurses are excused from jury duty.

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Can I Get out of Jury Duty If I Am a Nurse?

Nurses, just like everybody else, have to serve jury duty if they are selected. Employers already know by law this is a requirement. Depending on your local laws, you may be able to be released from it, but it’s a case by case situation.

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Do Nurses Get Paid For Jury Duty?

Depending on your local laws, you may get paid by the courts for jury duty. Even if you do get paid, it won’t equal what you could have made if you worked as a nurse. Some employers, as a benefit, may pay you your hourly rate if you’re selected for jury duty. Talk to your HR department to be sure.

You Have to Serve on Jury Duty

jurors in the jury box

As stated above, nurses have to serve on jury duty like everybody else.

From what I’ve heard, in some countries (for instance, Ireland or the UK), nurses may be excused from jury service if they’ve provided adequate evidence that meets the conditions for exclusion.

This is very much a case-by-case situation, and exclusion is not guaranteed.

Notify Your Employer

As soon as you receive notice for jury duty, make sure to notify your employer. They may have policies in place for how they’re going to handle your leave and possible compensation.

Some companies may have compensation in place for full-time staff if they get called for jury duty.

Here’s An Example of a Benefit Your Employer May Have
From what senior nurses have told me, my current employer will pay me my salary for the length of time I’m on jury duty.

The only requirement is that I have to surrender the small stipend the courts give me for jury selection.

The stipend wouldn’t even equal a day’s work as a nurse, so I’m too worried about giving up the stipend.

It does go to show that you should communicate with your HR department about things like this because you may never know what kind of benefit is in place.

Have You Read These Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

The courts will pay you while on jury duty. It’s not much, and it will vary by state and municipality.

If you get paid, it’s not going to be your going hourly rate for your full-time job. Different states have varying amounts they’ll pay for jury duty. It’s usually a nominal amount. Check with your employer. Some as a benefit may still pay you your hourly rate for jury duty.

Nurses can and do get picked for jury duty.

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