How Many Hours A Day Should I Study For The NCLEX?

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Once you’ve booked your date for the NCLEX, you may feel overwhelmed and panicky about how you’ll prepare for this exam.

When should you start preparations? How much should you study?

How will you know you’ve prepared enough and are finally ready to take the test?

How Many Hours a Day Should You Study For the NCLEX?

Most experts believe you should plan to study at least 3 to 4 hours a day to prepare for the NCLEX. This is why it’s best to give yourself at least 1 month to study for the licensure exam.

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How Many Hours a Day Should a Nursing Student Study for the NCLEX?

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If you type the above question into your Google browser, most of the results will say that to prepare successfully for NCLEX; you need to study three to four hours per day.

Of course, the number of hours you study each day will depend on how many days you have available before the test date.

Fewer study days translate into needing more hours per day to study, just to make sure you cover all the material.

When should you Schedule the NCLEX?

The ideal time you need to study is about 30 days or 1 month.

Having a month gives you enough time to review everything you need while at the same time not so long that you risk burning out before the actual test date.

How Should You Study For the NCLEX?

First of all, the NCLEX prep you use (and you should use one) should include an extensive review of materials covered on the NCLEX.

On top of that, the prep should give you access to plenty of practice tests and NCLEX style questions.

To ensure you cover all the topics, you need to plan what to study each day.

Start with the material you find most challenging since this is probably where your knowledge gaps lie.

A good NCLEX prep course such as this one I recommend will not only include plenty of practice questions but will also give you insight into the subject matters you’re weak in.

When Should a Nursing Student Start Studying for the NCLEX?

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As soon as you schedule the NCLEX, you should start studying for it.

Create a schedule to prioritize your study time and stay as disciplined as possible.

While you might have the best intentions, most students will discover that not having a clear study plan will lead to inefficient use of time.

If your circumstances do not allow for a stable schedule, ensuring you complete at least some of your studies every day between chores and working a part-time job to support yourself is also okay.

Make this a Priority!

I know you’re going to have a lot on your plate, but you need to make studying for the NCLEX a priority.

Everything you’ve worked on for the last couple of years will be in vain if you don’t finish the last stretch strong and focused.

General Tips for Passing NCLEX Successfully

Taking an important exam like the NCLEX is stressful.

There’s no magic pill that will let you pass the test without any preparation, but at the same time, if you work hard, your chances of being successful is really high.

Here are some last-minute NCLEX tips to help you through the exam.

  1. Get comfortable with the NCLEX format.
  2. Identify your study style.
  3. Don’t focus too much on past exams.
  4. Gather helpful resources.
  5. The test is about application, not just memorization.
  6. Pace yourself.
  7. Don’t let your studying go stale, change it up every now and then.
  8. Don’t wait too long to take the test.
  9. Have confidence in your ability to succeed.
  10. Have a game plan leading into the test.
  11. Know how to approach the test questions.

Happy studying.

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