In this article, I’ll answer how the SATA questions on the NCLEX are scored.

I’ve seen this question asked a couple of different places, but the direct answer is never really given.

How Does the NCLEX Score Select All That Apply Questions?

Select all that apply questions are scored as either correct or incorrect. You do not get partial credit for getting part of the answer right. When the next generation NCLEX launches in 2023, it will start giving you partial credit for answers.

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It’s All or Nothing

As stated above, the way the NCLEX is currently constructed all the questions are either all or nothing.

As in, you either get the questions all correct (in the case of questions with more than one answer), or it’s incorrect.

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The NEXT Generation NCLEX Changes This

It’s important to note that the next NCLEX update (NCLEX NGN) is supposed to change this and add partial scoring.

According to the NCSBN and their report, partial scoring is supposed to allow for a more accurate measurement of a student’s abilities and is a way to reduce the impact of random guessing.

The new exam is currently still in the finalizing state.

How to Be Successful on the New NCLEX

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  1. What if you choose 5 answers on SATA but only 4 of those 5 were correct? So basically you chose all the correct answers and also chose an extra answer, would you still get credit?

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