If you took the NCLEX on Saturday, you’re probably wondering what’s next? What should be your next course of action?

Do you have to wait all weekend to find out if you passed? Here’s the answer.

What to Do After Taking the NCLEX on Saturday?

After taking the NCLEX on Saturday, you should plan on relaxing and celebrating over the weekend. In many cases, it could take 48 hours at the earliest to find out if you passed or failed the licensure exam.

New Nurse Academy

Trusted by 430,000+ future nurses and new nurses everywhere. Check out the course that helps new nurses bridge the gap and transition smoothly to becoming nurses.

What does it cover?

  • IV Insertion
  • EKG Reading
  • How to Chart
  • How to Prioritize
  • Nursing Interviews & Resume

Just to name a few.

Relax After Taking the NCLEX

I know it will be hard, and you’ll probably not want to, but you should try to relax after taking the NCLEX.

Even if you don’t want to relax, you’re probably not going to know what you scored on there this weekend.


Even though most things you’ll read will say it could take up to 6 weeks to get the official results, students will find out much sooner in a majority of situations.

In some cases, within 48 hours.

How to Find Out If You Passed the NCLEX

If you want to know if you passed the NCLEX before the official results, you have some options.

  1. Pearson Vue NCLEX Trick: It’s essentially a way to see if you passed by seeing if the Pearson Vue website will let you schedule another exam. Check out this article I wrote over the Pearson Vue NCLEX Trick for more information.
  2. NCLEX Quick Results: Not all states participate in the quick results. Essentially, it’s a way for you to buy the unofficial results from Pearson Vue. Check out the linked article for more information.

What to Do If You Passed or Failed

Whether or not you passed or failed, I think you should consider some of the following points.

If you Passed

If you passed, then CONGRATS! You’ve completed your last hurdle on the road to becoming a nurse.

The next thing is to start your nursing job as a graduate nurse.

If you haven’t already secured a job, I have several helpful articles that I think could help you. The first is tips on getting your first nursing job. The second is my list of the 5 best nursing jobs for new grads.

Lastly, I think you should consider the New Nurse Academy. It’s a course for new nurses that’ll go over a lot of the concepts you’ll deal with as a recent grad.

For instance:

  • IV insertion course
  • Clinical documentation
  • How to interview and set up your resume

Plus much more…

You might be wondering how this is different from your nursing school courses.

It’s different because nursing school classes were geared towards helping you pass nursing school exams and then hopefully passing the NCLEX the first time.

The New Nurse Academy is geared toward helping transition from nursing student to practicing nurse.

It might not seem like there’s a difference, but there is.

If You Failed

If you failed, you should consider checking out this article I wrote on what to do if after failing the NCLEX.

In a nutshell, failure does NOT define you.

…failing the NCLEX does NOT define you…

In that article, I share an example of someone who failed the NCLEX over 10 times (if I remember correctly, it was more like 20) before eventually passing.

The second thing is to consider what you could have done differently. One of those things is to get a good NCLEX review course.

The NCLEX Prep Academy is the review course I recommend.

One of the nice things about the academy is that they have an NCLEX pass rate of 99%. If you didn’t know, that’s much higher than the typical average of about 85-86%.

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