After taking the NCLEX, many nursing students always have a lot of questions involving the NCLEX quick results.

That’s why I’ve put together this handy guide that will answer a lot of your questions on the quick results.

If there’s a question that’s not answered, feel free to ask away in the comment section below.

1. What Is NCLEX Quick Results?

Quick Results are unofficial NCLEX results you can receive two business days after taking your NCLEX exam. The NCLEX quick result doesn’t allow you to practice as a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. You have to wait until your nursing regulatory body (NRB) releases the official results.

2. Are NCLEX Quick Results Accurate?

The NCLEX quick results should be about 100% accurate on whether or not you passed or failed the exam. You can’t practice as a licensed/registered nurse until the official results are posted by your state board of nursing.

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3. How Long Does it Take to Get the NCLEX Quick Results?

If your state participates in the NCLEX quick results program, then you’ll be able to get the quick results two business days after you take the NCLEX examination.

You may receive the option for the NCLEX quick results before 48 hours.

Sometimes the NCLEX quick results may come in early, but there’s no guarantee yours will come in before the 48-hour (2 business day) mark.

Results are posted about two business days from when you took the exam.

The option to buy the NCLEX quick results will come in about 48 business hours from when you took the NCLEX.

No, you don’t get the results of the NCLEX immediately. It can take up to 2 business days to get unofficial results and up to six weeks to get the official results.

9. Are NCLEX Quick Results Available on the Weekends?

Quick results are not available on the weekends. They’re only available during the weekday because the results come in during two business days.

Quick results are only available during the weekdays. Some students have reported getting the option on Saturday. But officially, it’s two business days.

Some students report that they have received their quick results on Sunday. NCSBN doesn’t guarantee they’ll be ready on the weekend as they say the results will be available in 2 business days.

12. How Does the NCLEX Quick Results Work?

The NCLEX quick results give you an option to buy the unofficial results from Pearson Vue. They become official later after your state board of nursing has had a chance to certify and post the results along with a license number.

13. Do You Have to Pay for the NCLEX Quick Results?

Pearson Vue does charge for the NCLEX quick results. As of the time of this writing, it costs $7.95. The option is available from your candidate profile.

14. Do You Get an Email When NCLEX Quick Results are Ready?

As of this writing, you don’t get an email when your NCLEX quick results are available. You have to log back into your candidate profile to check.

15. Why Are My NCLEX Quick Results Not Available.

If you don’t see an option for quick results. Make sure your state is one of the ones that participate in the quick result. Make sure it’s been at least two business days from when you took the NCLEX exam. Lastly, make sure you’re looking at the correct spot for the option to buy the quick results.

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Trusted by 430,000+ future nurses and new nurses everywhere. Check out the course that helps new nurses bridge the gap and transition smoothly to becoming nurses.

16. Should You Buy the NCLEX Quick Results?

If you have the available funds, it might help your anxiety if you go ahead and buy the results when it’s available.

For many nursing students, their NCLEX results will post faster than expected. Because of that, the time between being able to buy the quick results and the official results being available is not that great.

Since the cost of the quick results will be nominal for many students, I think it’s well worth it for most to go ahead and pay it so they can get their results faster.

17. What Does NCLEX Quick Results Look Like?

Click on the video to see what the NCLEX quick results will look like. Caitlyn Monae shows what her quick results look like.

The NCLEX quick results will be on a very plain-looking webpage. It will have the name of the exam you took and the date you took the exam. To the right of that, it will list whether or not you passed or failed the exam. Underneath that will be a list of past exams, you’ve taken.

What to Do if Quick Results Say I Failed

While most students will pass the NCLEX, unfortunately, some will fail the NCLEX for one reason or another. Review your candidate performance report and get a good NCLEX prep course to help you when you retake the exam.

Check out the linked article for my full thoughts on what you should do if you didn’t pass the NCLEX.

Have You Read These Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other slightly related frequently asked questions (to are NCLEX quick results accurate) you might be wondering about.

The quickest and most accurate way to find out if you passed the NCLEX is to wait 48 hours and buy the quick results if it’s an option in your state.


  1. Hello,
    I did my NCLEX RN exam on the 9th of November, 48hrs have elapsed today.
    I am having trouble logging into my Pearson Vue to buy my quick results.
    I am using the correct credentialss ie Correct password and correct username but it’s declining..says “User does not exist”.
    Am devastated.kindly help.

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