Becoming a valedictorian in nursing school is no easy feat. There are hundreds of students in your class and only one valedictorian.

The title of valedictorian comes with a lot of responsibility. You are the student who best represents the nursing program and who will deliver the commencement speech at graduation.

So, how do you become the valedictorian of your nursing class?

How Are Valedictorians Chosen For Nursing School?

The most common way valedictorians are chosen is that the nursing program chooses the student with the highest GPA. However, some schools also take into account other factors, such as class rank, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities.

In some cases, the valedictorian is chosen based on a vote by the graduating class.

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How to Be a Valedictorian in Nursing School

how to be a valedictorian in nursing school
Tips to be a valedictorian in nursing school.

To become a valedictorian in your nursing program, you need to get organized from the start.

Focus on your studies, get involved in student organizations, and most importantly, ace your nursing school exams.


While being a valedictorian can be a great accomplishment, it’s important to note that once you get past nursing school, that distinction doesn’t really matter.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t strive for your best for that distinction, but if you don’t get it, it will have no bearing on your ability to be a stellar nurse.

1. Get organized from the start


To become valedictorian you really need to get organized from the very beginning. Buy a planner and use it religiously to keep track of assignments, deadlines, and exams.

This will help you stay on top of your workload and ensure you’re always prepared for what’s coming next.

2. Get to Know Your Professors

nursing school classroom

While not immediately obvious getting to know your professors is a helpful way to become a valedictorian is to get to know your professors.

Go to their office hours, introduce yourself, and participate in class. Please understand that the goal of going to the professor’s office hours is to ensure you understand the material at hand.

3. Join Student Organizations

nursing students studying in a group

Another great way to make a good impression on your professors is to join student organizations related to nursing (such as the student nurses association).

These organizations often have events where you can network with other nursing professionals and learn more about the field of nursing.

Besides that, this would be a great option for institutions where extracurricular activities are considered.

4. Don’t procrastinate

woman playing paper plane

It can be tempting to put off working on assignments or studying until the last minute, but this is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure.

Start working on things early, so you’ll have plenty of time to wrap your head around the material and make any necessary corrections before it’s due.


Procrastinating and studying late make it really hard to retain information in nursing school.

5. Make Study a Priority

study spaces

Of course, one of the most important things you can do to become valedictorian is to study hard! Make sure you’re keeping up with the readings and assignments for all of your classes.

Nursing school is notoriously difficult, so it’s important you’re putting in the extra effort to make sure you understand the material.


One way to make studying easier is to form study groups with other students in your classes. This way, you can help and hold each other accountable.

6. Ace Your Exams

answering exam-making notes on the side

It goes without saying that since grades are a big part of how valedictorians are selected for nursing school, you need to do well in your nursing school exams.

In short, you need to study hard to make sure you have a firm understanding of the material.

In addition to studying hard for your exams, there are a few other things you can do to set yourself up for success come test time.

  • First, get plenty of rest the night before an exam so that you are well-rested and can think clearly.
  • Second, eat breakfast or lunch before the exam so that your stomach isn’t growling during the test!
  • Third, arrive early to the exam, so you have time to relax and clear your head before taking the test.
  • Fourth, if you start feeling anxious during the exam, take some deep breaths and remind yourself that you know this material inside and out!

7. Give Back to Your Community

volunteers helping community

Finally, one important way to become valedictorian is by giving back to your community. Volunteer at local hospitals or clinics or participate in fundraising activities for nursing-related causes.

Not only could this look great on your resume, but it may also help if extracurricular activities come into play for valedictorian.

8. Seek Help When Needed.

women studying

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Nursing school is tough, and there’s no shame in admitting that you need assistance every now and then.

Talk to your professors, TA’s, or fellow students when you’re struggling with a concept or having trouble understanding something.

If you need a lot 1 on 1 help and you can afford it consider getting a tutor. You can go here to find a tutor.

If you can’t afford it you could also check out the nursing student academy as well. It’s a supplemental course that really breaks down a lot of those nursing school topics.

Nursing Student Academy
Check out the comprehensive supplemental course nursing students take to improve their grades and pass nursing school.

Key Takeaways

If you’re willing to put in the hard work, being a valedictorian in nursing school is definitely within reach!

Follow these tips and stay focused on your goals, and you’ll be well on your way to giving that commencement speech in no time.

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