In this article, I’ll break down the candidate performance report that you’ll get on the NCLEX.

Specifically, I’ll discuss what it is and when you should expect to get it.

What is the Candidate Performance Report (CPR)?

I go over the candidate performance report in this video. If you need more information or don’t want to watch the video keep reading below.

The NCLEX Candidate Performance Report is a two-page report sent to NCLEX test-takers who did not pass the NCLEX. The NCLEX CPR contains information about how well you did on the exam regarding the 8 content areas the NCLEX tests you on.


Please note that only the candidates who fail the NCLEX AND answer the minimum number of questions will get information on where they struggled on the NCLEX.

If you don’t answer the minimum number of questions, you’ll still get an NCLEX CPR but with limited information.

The NCLEX CPR will only have information on how many questions you answered and how many you should have answered to be eligible for evaluation on the performance report.

What’s on the First Page of the NCLEX CPR?

  • You’re given an explanation of what computer adaptive testing (CAT) is. (FYI: this is how the NCLEX is scored)
  • How many questions on the NCLEX you answered.
  • How to use the information you’ll be given on the second page of the NCLEX CPR.

What’s on the Second Page of the NCLEX Candidate Performance Report?

  • Information on how well you did on the 8 NCLEX topic areas.
    • Each NCLEX topic area has a percentage of how many times questions from that topic area appeared on the NCLEX.
    • Content areas are grouped based on how well you did. The groups are:
      • Below the passing standard.
      • Near the passing standard.
      • Above the passing standard.

Example of the NCLEX-RN CPR

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has an example NCLEX-RN CPR. You can find that here.

Example of the NCLEX-PN CPR

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has an example NCLEX-PN CPR. You can find that here.

When Will I Get My Candidate Performance Report For the NCLEX?

Your candidate performance report is only sent to you if you failed the NCLEX. It may take up to 6 weeks to receive your NCLEX CPR.

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  1. I was very confident that I did well in my exam on 19th April this year but I was told by my sponsor that I didn’t pass. I feel so bad about it. Please how do I get my CPR?

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