In today’s technologically driven world, choosing the right laptop for nursing school is an important decision that can impact your education.

But are Windows laptops the right choice for nursing school?

Are Windows Laptops Good For Nursing School?

Yes, a Windows laptop is the best choice for nursing school. Windows laptops, recognized for their broad software compatibility and functional prowess, can indeed serve as a reliable tool throughout your nursing education.

Recommended Windows Laptops

I already have an article comparing the best laptops for nursing school.

I also have an article discussing if Chromebooks are good for nursing students and another one discussing if MacBooks are good for nursing school.

Check those articles out for more information on this topic. With that said, here are the Windows laptops I would recommend currently:

Why Are Windows Laptops The Best Choice For a Nursing Student

1. Functionality and Performance

Windows laptops often have strong performance characteristics, including robust processors, generous memory options, and ample storage space.

These features facilitate efficient multitasking, a critical need for every nursing student.

2. Software Compatibility

One of the standout advantages of Windows laptops is their comprehensive software compatibility.

Because of the dominance of Windows, any software you might be required to use in nursing school will more likely than not work with a Windows computer.

This is very different from Macbooks and especially Chromebooks.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Windows laptops offer a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality.

This is very different from Mac computers which tend to be pricey.

While a good Chromebook can be bought for a cheaper price than a good Windows laptop, Chromebooks have some other disadvantages that might lean you more towards a Windows computer.

Comparison with Other Operating Systems

To provide a balanced view, it’s worth examining how Windows laptops stack up against other operating systems.

Windows vs. macOS

While macOS offers specific benefits, its higher price point can be a deterrent for many students.

In contrast, Windows laptops are available across a range of price points, often providing equivalent or superior functionality at a lower cost.

Windows vs. Chrome OS

Chromebooks, based on the Chrome OS, are lightweight and reasonably priced.

However, their dependence on a continuous internet connection for full functionality and potential compatibility issues with specific software might limit their usefulness for nursing students.

Windows Laptops: Useful from Freshman Year to Graduation and Beyond

As stated earlier, because of their strong performance, extensive software compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and utility from the start of nursing school, Windows laptops are good for nursing school.

Check out the (best choice).

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go (budget choice).

Or the very interesting (bust expensive) Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While there are preferred models, the best choice is subjective, depending on individual needs and budget.

Yes, nursing schools often require specific software, most of which are compatible with Windows laptops.

Yes, you can. However, laptops typically perform better and may be more suitable for multitasking.

Not necessarily. A mid-range laptop can handle most tasks a nursing student might encounter.

This largely depends on your school’s policy and the rules of the facility where your clinical is at.

Absolutely! Digital note-taking is more organized, searchable, and environmentally friendly. Plus, you can’t misplace a digital note like you can a paper one.

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