Earbuds can be a helpful tool for nurses in hospitals who need a moment of escape or focus.

They should provide discreet music options for breaks and have excellent noise cancellation for post-night shift rest.

It’s not recommended to use them constantly during work hours.

With that said, I understand how nurses use them for a bit of peace or to listen to their favorite songs during their busy routines.

My Pick of the Best Earbuds For Nurses

Being a seasoned nurse, I’ve evaluated countless earbuds and narrowed it down to two that stand above the rest.

For the iPhone users among us, the Apple AirPods Pro is the way to go.

But if Android phones are more your speed, look no further than the Google Pixel Buds Pro.

Here’s why.

Apple AirPods Pro: The Pinnacle of Personal Audio for iPhone Users

  • Audio Excellence: With the Apple-designed H2 chip, these AirPods Pro offer a richer audio experience, perfecting noise cancellation and immersing the listener in sound. Whether it’s the crispness of high notes or the depth of bass, it’s audio like you’ve never heard before.
  • Adaptive Experience: The AirPods Pro not only offers up to 2x more Active Noise Cancellation than its predecessor but also features Adaptive Transparency, which adjusts in real time to the noise levels around you.
  • Custom Fit: With four silicone tip sizes, you’re guaranteed an acoustic seal for noise isolation, ensuring comfort throughout your shift.
  • Enhanced Control: Adjust volume, switch tracks, or answer calls with a mere swipe or press on the stem.
  • Extended Battery Life: Get up to 6 hours of uninterrupted listening, a 33% improvement from the previous generation. The charging case further extends this, giving you a total of 30 hours of premium audio experience.
  • Enhanced Case Features: From Precision Finding to easy charging options, the case isn’t just a storage unit; it’s an experience on its own.
Apple AirPods Pro
  • RICHER AUDIO EXPERIENCE – The Apple-designed H2 chip pushes advanced audio performance even…
  • NEXT-LEVEL ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION – Up to 2x more Active Noise Cancellation than the previous…
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT – Now with four pairs of silicone tips (XS, S, M, L) to fit a wider range of ears…

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Android’s Best Companion Earbuds

  • Noise Cancellation: Using Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal, the Pixel Buds Pro offers a listening experience that puts your music center stage.
  • Optimal Sound at Any Volume: With its custom 11mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ, you’re promised clear and balanced sound, no matter the volume.
  • Battery to Last: Enjoy up to 11 hours of music or extend it to 31 hours with the charging case. Plus, the convenience of wireless charging!
  • Stay Aware: Transparency mode ensures you’re always in tune with your surroundings, crucial for those moments when you’re on the move.
  • Google at Your Service: Get directions, respond to texts, or control your music, all hands-free.
  • Crystal Clear Calls: Be heard even in the loudest environments, thanks to advanced mic technology and design.
  • Switch Seamlessly: Transition between devices without a hitch, ensuring your music or call isn’t interrupted.
Google Pixel Buds Pro
  • The battery keeps up with your life, with up to 11 hours of listening time, or up to 31 hours with…

In short, Apple AirPods Pro integrates seamlessly with Apple’s iPhone and ecosystem. Google Pixel Buds Pro integrates seamlessly with all Android smartphones (if you didn’t know Android was developed by Google).

For that reason and the other reasons listed above my top picks for the best wireless earbuds for nurses are Apple AirPods Pro for Apple users and Google Pixel Buds Pro for Android users.

Best Earbuds for Nurses

My top picks were mentioned above. If you want some other earbuds that are also pretty good check out my complete list below.

1. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)
These Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) are a fantastic choice for nurses seeking wireless earbuds with great sound quality and impressive battery life.

The Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) offer personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, which provides an immersive and realistic listening experience.

This feature makes them ideal for nurses who want to enjoy their favorite tunes or podcasts during breaks, while still being able to hear their surroundings.

The sweat and water resistance of both the AirPods and their charging case make them a durable option for the busy and often high-energy environment that healthcare professionals encounter.

Additionally, these earbuds provide up to 6 hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 30 hours of total listening time with the charging case, ensuring nurses have ample battery life throughout their long shifts.

One potential drawback is the single fit of the AirPods, which might not be suitable for all ear sizes and shapes.


  • Personalized Spatial Audio feature
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Up to 30 hours of total listening time


  • Single fit may not be suitable for all ear shapes
  • No MagSafe Charging Case
  • Force sensor controls might require practice

2. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) are an excellent choice for nurses seeking a comfortable and high-quality audio experience with impressive noise cancellation features.

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) offers an upgraded listening experience compared to their predecessor, with improvements in noise cancellation and sound quality.

The custom-built driver delivers crystal clear high notes and deep, rich bass, ensuring that you enjoy every sound in vivid detail.

With up to 2x more active noise cancellation than the previous model, you can block out distractions during your shift and better focus on your tasks.

Adaptive transparency allows you to comfortably hear the environment around you while maintaining noise cancellation.

This feature adjusts in real-time to suit varying noise levels, such as sudden loud sounds like sirens or construction.

These earbuds come with four silicone tip sizes (XS, S, M, L) to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for any ear shape, providing all-day comfort and an acoustic seal to keep out noise.

With personalized spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, these earbuds immerse you in music, movies, and other media.

The stem swipe control allows for easy volume adjustment, music, and call controls, while the improved battery life (up to 6 hours) keeps you connected throughout your shift.

The MagSafe charging case offers convenience, and the compact design makes them easy to carry.


  • Enhanced audio quality with richer sound
  • Up to 2x more active noise cancellation than the previous model
  • Customizable fit with four silicone tip sizes (XS, S, M, L)


  • Price might be steep for some
  • Audio quality may not be optimal if proper fit is not achieved
  • Battery life may not be sufficient for long shifts

3. Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro
The Google Pixel Buds Pro provide excellent noise canceling, quality sound, and outstanding battery life, making them a perfect choice for nurses on the go.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro offer great audio performance, featuring Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal to block out outside noise and provide immersive sound quality.

The custom 11 mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ ensure your music sounds amazing, even at lower volumes, making them perfect for busy professionals like nurses.

Battery life is outstanding, with up to 11 hours of listening time and up to 31 hours when you use the charging case.

For a wireless charging solution, the Pixel Buds Pro can be charged using a Pixel Stand or other Qi-certified chargers.

This means you won’t have to worry about battery life during long shifts or extended breaks.

One potential downside to the Google Pixel Buds Pro is the need to adjust the earbud tip size for optimal sound quality and call performance.

If the earbud tips do not fit snugly in your ear, you may lose some of the noise cancellation benefits.

The Transparency mode, which allows outside sounds to pass through the earbuds in real-time, may not work well in all environments, particularly in very noisy settings.


  • Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal
  • Custom 11 mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ
  • Up to 31-hour battery life with charging case


  • May require earbud tip size adjustments for optimal sound quality
  • Transparency mode might not be suitable for all environments
  • Beamforming mics may struggle in very noisy locations

4. NEW Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, Wireless, Bluetooth, World’s Best Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

NEW Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, Wireless, Bluetooth, World’s Best Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones
These Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II provide an immersive and personalized listening experience, perfect for nurses seeking superior noise cancellation and all-day comfort.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, as the name suggests, are designed to deliver unrivaled noise cancellation and a personalized sound experience tailored for your ears.

This makes them a great choice for nurses who need to block out hospital noises during breaks or downtime.

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, these earbuds come with a Bose Fit Kit containing three pairs of ear tips and three pairs of stability bands, crafted from soft silicone material.

Using just one earbud is also possible with the single earbud listening feature, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying music or taking calls.

The touch interface on the earbuds is easy to use, giving you hassle-free control over your music and noise cancellation levels without reaching for your phone.

However, be prepared for a shorter battery life of up to 6 hours, which might be lower than other available earbuds.

The charging time is longer than competitors, although a 20-minute quick charge option provides up to 2 hours of battery life.

Additionally, the price point might be higher than other alternatives, so consider whether the noise cancellation performance justifies the investment for your needs.


  • Personalized noise cancellation and sound performance
  • Comfortable fit with customizable ear tips and stability bands
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology for a strong connection


  • Relatively short battery life at 6 hours
  • Longer charging time than some competitors
  • High price point compared to other earbuds

5. Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds
These earbuds are perfect for nurses who need top-notch noise cancellation and clear call quality during their busy shifts.

As a nurse, you’re always on the go, and the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds are designed to keep up with your hectic schedule.

These truly wireless earbuds pack a punch with industry-leading noise canceling technology and an integrated V1 processor, ensuring crystal-clear sound and exceptional call quality even in noisy environments.

The beamforming microphone and bone-conduction sensor work together to provide clear voice detection, making it easier for you to communicate with your colleagues and patients.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds also come with several convenient features designed to enhance your daily work experience.

The 8-hour battery life with noise canceling means you can get through a full shift without needing to recharge.

The earbuds are also IPX4 water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about damage from sweat or accidental spills.

Plus, the wireless charging compatibility and speak-to-chat technology add even more convenience to your busy day.


  • Industry-leading noise canceling performance
  • Exceptional sound quality with LDAC codec support
  • Crystal-clear call quality in noisy environments


  • Slightly higher price
  • May not fit all ear shapes comfortably
  • Requires firmware update for multipoint connection feature

6. Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds
These earbuds stand out for their impressive audio quality and water resistance, making them a solid option for nurses seeking reliable earbuds.

The Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds offer an outstanding audio experience, with hybrid triple drivers that produce rich, full-spectrum sound.

This makes them ideal for nurses who appreciate high-quality audio during their breaks or commutes.

The advanced noise isolation, which uses Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology, ensures the clarity of calls even in noisy environments.

However, these earbuds may not be suitable for those who prioritize active noise cancellation, as the noise isolation relies on a good fit and seal rather than electronic cancellation of background noise.

Additionally, users looking for earbuds that stay securely in place during intense physical activities may find these to be less reliable in that regard.

One of the standout features of these earbuds is IPX5 water resistance, making them resilient against sweat and splashes from handwashing, allowing nurses to use them throughout their active day.

While the earbuds offer an impressive 12-hour battery life, the charging case provides only an additional 36 hours, which may be a concern for those seeking extended battery life.


  • Hybrid triple drivers for superior sound quality
  • Advanced noise isolation for clear calls
  • IPX5 water resistance for versatility


  • Limited battery life in the case
  • Might not fit securely for running or intense activities
  • Passive, not active, noise cancellation

7. Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds
These earbuds are an excellent choice for nurses seeking quality sound, durability, and a secure fit during long shifts.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro offers a completely wireless experience, providing nurses with the comfort and freedom to move around during their shifts.

The adjustable secure-fit earhooks ensure a snug fit, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about your earbuds falling out.

Dealing with various emergencies and situations, nurses often face a fast-paced and strenuous work environment.

The sweat and water-resistant design of these earbuds ensures their durability, even during the toughest shifts.

One of the standout features of the Powerbeats Pro is the dynamic range and noise isolation, providing a balanced and powerful sound experience, perfect for keeping you focused and energized throughout your day.

On the downside, these earbuds require their charging case for pairing, which might be an inconvenience for some users.

Also, the shape of the earbuds may not be a perfect fit for all ear shapes, so it’s essential to test them out before fully committing.

Lastly, the battery life is limited to 9 hours of listening time without the charging case.

For longer shifts, you may need to rely on the charging case to extend your battery life to 24 hours. Keep this in mind when considering your purchase.


  • Comfortable, adjustable secure-fit earhooks
  • Sweat and water-resistant design
  • Dynamic range and noise isolation


  • Charging case required for pairing
  • May not suit all ear shapes
  • Limited battery life without charging case

8. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds
These earbuds are an excellent choice for nurses who need exceptional noise cancellation, comfort, and sound quality throughout their shift.

The Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds offer nurses the ability to eliminate distractions and maintain focus while providing high-quality audio for music, podcasts, and videos.

With their exclusive acoustic architecture and Volume-optimized Active EQ, these earbuds ensure crisp and balanced sound at any level.

Comfort is crucial for nurses who wear earbuds for long periods, and the QuietComfort Earbuds deliver just that.

They come with three sizes of StayHear Max eartips made from soft silicone, providing a secure fit and passive noise blocking.

Moreover, these earbuds feature simple touch controls and are weather and sweat-resistant with an IPX4 rating, making them perfect for use in various settings.

While their battery life on a single charge may last up to 6 hours, which could be insufficient for longer shifts, the charging case provides an additional 12 hours of playback.

However, these earbuds do not support multi-point connection and require the Bose Music app for custom settings.


  • World-class noise cancelling
  • High-fidelity audio
  • Comfortable and secure fit


  • Single charge provides up to 6 hours of playback
  • No multi-point connection support
  • Requires the Bose Music app for custom settings

9. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live
SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live are a stylish and comfortable choice for nurses seeking excellent sound quality and noise-cancelling features.

For nurses looking to enjoy their favorite tunes, podcasts, or simply need a reliable pair of earbuds during long shifts, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are a great option.

These earbuds provide a comfortable fit with their open design, ensuring you can wear them for extended periods without discomfort.

The AKG-tuned 12mm speaker and enhanced bass guarantee studio-quality sound for a truly enjoyable listening experience.

Nurses in busy environments like hospitals or clinics can use the Active Noise Cancelling feature on these earbuds to block out background noise.

This helps them focus on their tasks or enjoy some peace and quiet.

The Galaxy Buds Live have up to 8 hours of continuous listening time and come with a case that doubles as a wireless charger, ensuring they’re always ready for use during long shifts.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider – the Galaxy Buds Live lack water-resistance, making them susceptible to sweat or rain.

Additionally, some users have reported difficulty finding the right fit initially, so it may take some adjustment for them to feel snug in your ears.

During phone calls, the earbuds may also pick up a lot of background noise, so it’s essential to keep that in mind.


  • Comfortable fit for long hours of wearing
  • Impressive sound quality with enhanced bass
  • Active noise cancellation for blocking out distractions


  • Not waterproof
  • Can be challenging to adjust for the perfect fit initially
  • Picks up a lot of background noise during calls

10. JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphone
The JBL Tune 125TWS headphones are a great choice for nurses who need reliable and high-quality wireless earbuds with a long battery life.

The JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones offer an immersive audio experience thanks to their JBL Pure Bass sound.

This makes them perfect for those long shifts when you need to stay focused and entertained.

They come equipped with a total of 32 hours of battery life, providing up to 8 hours in the earbuds and an additional 24 hours in the charging case.

This ensures that you can enjoy your music or take calls throughout the entire day without worrying about losing power.

Comfort is an important factor for nurses, and these earbuds deliver by including three sizes of eartips to ensure a snug fit for every user.

The true wireless design allows for total freedom of movement, so you won’t be hindered by any cords while you’re on the go.

However, some users have reported occasional Bluetooth connectivity issues, so you may need to occasionally reset your connection during use.

Additionally, switching between paired devices might require extra steps, which could be an inconvenience for those who use multiple devices throughout the day.

Lastly, the minimum volume level might be too loud for some users, especially in quiet environments.


  • Impressive JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Up to 32 hours of battery life
  • Comfortable fit with 3 sizes of eartips


  • Connectivity issues may arise occasionally
  • Difficulties switching between paired devices
  • Minimum volume level may be too loud for some users

11. Bose Sport Earbuds – True Wireless Earphones – Bluetooth In Ear Headphones

Bose Sport Earbuds – True Wireless Earphones – Bluetooth In Ear Headphones
Bose Sport Earbuds provide top-notch sound and comfort, perfect for those seeking a reliable workout companion.

Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the Bose Sport Earbuds provide an unmatched audio experience that will help you push beyond your limits during workouts.

The patented acoustic port design, combined with high-efficiency drivers, delivers an impressive sound quality, while the Volume-Optimized Active EQ ensures optimal balance for bass, midrange, and treble.

The StayHear Max tips come in three sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and are made from soft silicone.

The umbrella-shaped tip and extended flexible wing provide excellent stability, keeping the earbuds securely in place without the need for ear hooks.

Built to withstand wear and tear, the Bose Sport Earbuds undergo rigorous quality testing for durability and feature a water resistance rating of IPX4.

The beam forming microphone array ensures clear calls, while the capacitive touch interface offers convenient control options for music and other functions.

On the downside, the 5-hour battery life may not be sufficient for longer workout sessions or full-day use.

The touch controls may take some time to get used to, and the price point could be considered high compared to other earbuds on the market.

However, the exceptional sound quality and secure fit make the Bose Sport Earbuds a top choice for fitness enthusiasts who prioritize audio performance and comfort.


  • Excellent sound quality for an immersive audio experience
  • Secure and comfortable fit with customizable StayHear Max tips
  • Sweat and weather-resistant (IPX4 rating)


  • 5-hour battery life may be shorter compared to some competitors
  • Touch controls may require getting used to
  • Price could be considered high for some buyers

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best earbuds for nurses, several factors should be considered to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

In this buying guide, I’ll discuss some key features to look for when selecting the right pair for your needs.

To make your decision easier, we’ve provided a straightforward guide, avoiding any exaggerated or false claims.


Comfort is crucial, as you’ll likely be wearing these earbuds for extended periods of time during your shifts.

Look for earbuds that come with multiple ear tip sizes and feature a comfortable design to minimize any discomfort or ear fatigue.

Sound Quality

While it’s important for earbuds to be comfortable, it’s equally essential that they deliver clear and balanced sound.

To achieve this, check for earbuds with quality drivers and components, but remember that sound quality is subjective, so it’s best to try before you buy if possible.

Noise Cancellation

Working in a noisy environment can make it challenging to concentrate or hear important information.

Earbuds with active noise-cancellation (ANC) technology can help block ambient noises around you and improve overall sound quality, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Battery Life

As a busy professional, you need earbuds that can last throughout your entire shift without needing a recharge.

Look for earbuds with a strong battery life (ideally 8 hours or more) to ensure you won’t be left without audio during critical moments.

Durability & Water Resistance

Nurses often work in unpredictable environments, so it’s important to choose earbuds that are built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Earbuds with water-resistant ratings (such as IPX4 or higher) can help protect your investment from sweat and accidental spills.

Wireless Connectivity & Controls

Wireless earbuds are essential for nurses, as they allow you to move freely without tangled cords getting in the way.

Look for earbuds with reliable Bluetooth connectivity and easy-to-use controls that let you answer calls, control volume, and access voice assistants without fumbling around.

Key Takeaways

By considering these key features and using this buying guide, you’ll be better equipped to find the perfect earbuds to support you during your shifts as a nurse.

Remember to prioritize your comfort, sound quality, and battery life while seeking durability and user-friendly controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing earbuds for long shifts, prioritize comfort and a secure fit. Some top options include the Jabra Elite 75t, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, and Apple AirPods Pro. These earbuds offer excellent comfort, secure fit, and passive noise isolation, ensuring you can wear them for hours without discomfort.

Durable earbuds should be able to withstand daily wear and tear. The Jabra Elite Active 75t, Anker Soundcore Liberty 2, and Sony WF-1000XM3 are known for their robust build quality and long-lasting performance. These earbuds have IPX-rated water resistance, making them suitable for use in various environments.

If you’re on a budget, Anker Soundcore Life P2, JLab Audio JBuds Air, and 1MORE PistonBuds are excellent choices. These earbuds provide good sound quality, comfort, and durability at a fraction of the price of premium options.

Active noise-cancelling (ANC) earbuds can be beneficial for nurses working in noisy environments to reduce distractions and promote focus. The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, Apple AirPods Pro, and Sony WF-1000XM4 are some of the best options with efficient ANC technology.

For earbuds that are suitable for both workouts and nursing, consider options that offer a secure fit, sweat resistance, and decent battery life. The Beats Powerbeats Pro, Jabra Elite Active 75t, and Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 fit the bill, providing satisfactory performance for both activities.

Yes, earbuds with a built-in microphone can be beneficial, especially when you need to make hands-free calls or communicate with your team. Most modern earbuds, including the Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and Jabra Elite series, feature an integrated microphone for clear voice calls.

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