Nurses spend the majority of their shift on their feet, which makes wearing the right shoes essential.

Hoka is one of the best brands of shoes for nurses because they provide the support and cushion needed when they’re taking care of their patients.

Here are five of the best Hoka shoes for nurses.

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Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses

1. Women’s Cavu Running Shoe

Runners rely on the Hoka brand for their running shoes because they provide full-body support, and nurses should too.

These Women’s Cavu Running Shoes are made from stretchy nylon, so the shoes move with you wherever you go.

Since they mold to your feet, they provide a custom fit each and every time you put them on.

The sturdy rubber sole provides protection from slippery floors so you can rest assured that you’ll stay steady on your feet during your entire shift.

The mesh upper portion of the shoe offers breathability so air flows into the shoe and around the foot, preventing sweaty, smelly feet at the end of your shift.

There’s the perfect amount of padding around the collar and tongue of the shoe so your feet remain comfortable while you wear them.

No more blisters on your ankles or rashes on the top of the foot to worry about.

As an added bonus, there’s moisture-wicking textile linings so feet stay cool and dry with each step.


  • Stretchy nylon material molds to the foot
  • Breathable mesh upper keeps feet dry
  • Sturdy rubber outsole prevents slipping and accidents


  • Minimal arch support may not be ideal for those with plantar fasciitis
  • Complaints that the eyelets tend to fray over time
  • Sizes run a little big

Check the price and availability of the Hoka Women’s Cavu Running Shoe on Amazon.

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2. Women’s Challenger ATR 4 Trail Running Shoes

Nurses can walk nearly five miles in just one 12-hour shift (source), which makes these Women’s Challenger ATR 4 Trail Running Shoes an ideal shoe for even the busiest nurse.

Built for the ever-changing terrain of the outdoors, the Challenger ATR 4 Trail Running Shoes provide comfort and durability on all types of flooring.

From carpet to hardwoods to tiled floors, you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling with the solid rubber outsole that’s specially designed to withstand anything the indoors or outdoors can throw at it.

This shoe was specifically designed to endure heavy wear and tear. There’s a dual-layer mesh upper which offers breathability and durability.

There’s additional coverage at the toe with an extended toe-cap so you won’t end up with a hole in the toe of your shoe even if you wear them frequently.

The internal heel counter makes for a smooth stride so your feet are supported with each and every step.

With five different color combinations, these shoes are an excellent choice for busy nurses who endure a lot of walking throughout their shift.


  • Rubber outsole designed for even the toughest terrain
  • Dual-layer mesh upper provides breathability
  • Extended toe-cap keeps the shoes looking brand new for a long time


  • Bottom of shoe peels over time
  • Toe box may feel cramped for some
  • Need to be broken in before wearing

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3. Bondi 6 Running Shoe

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The Bondi 6 Running Shoe from Hoka has a thick, supportive midsole that is ideal for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot disorders.

Although the thick midsole may look a bit odd, the support it provides is unmatched by other shoes.

The fourteen color combinations that it comes in more than makes up for the slightly odd look of the midsole area.

The breathable upper portion of the shoe keeps even the sweatiest feet dry, which is a great feature for nurses who have to wear their shoes for long, 12-hour shifts.

The advanced Meta-Rocker technology in this Hoka shoe makes for a smooth, effortless stride with each and every step. The extra-thick cushioning at the midsole makes it feel like you’re walking on air.

You won’t end up with sore, tired feet even after the longest of shifts. The durable rubber outsole prevents slips while the versatile look can take you from work to the gym to a casual dinner with friends.


  • Extra-thick midsole cushioning ideal for foot disorders like plantar fasciitis
  • Breathable upper keeps feet cool and dry
  • Meta-Rocker technology provides a smooth stride with every step


  • Thick midsole takes time to adjust to
  • Narrow toe box not ideal for wide feet
  • Tread wears out over time

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4. Arahi Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Arahi Medieval Blue/Lavender Running Shoe - 6 M
  • 3D Puff Print Frame - Lightweight and offers a secure fit.
  • Padded Tongue - Padding to help prevent chafe and discomfort.
  • Air Mesh - Allows air to permeate the exterior providing breathability.

Those that suffer from pronation and heel spurs will love these Arahi Running Shoes from Hoka.

The heel area is solid and supportive instead of soft and cushioned, which is for nurses that suffer from heel spurs and other foot disorders.

They also provide excellent arch support for those with a high arch.

No longer will you leave work with tired, achy feet because these shoes offer just the right amount of support and cushion with every wear.

In terms of style, they have a really cool mesh design on the upper that allows the foot to breathe and stay cool and dry.

It comes in two fashionable colors- Medieval Blue/Lavender and Virtual Pink/Neon Fuchsia.

While it’s not ideal for nurses that need to wear solid white shoes due to strict uniform policies set by their employer, they are a very stylish choice for nurses who have the ability to wear whichever colored shoes they want.

With superior shock absorption, a sturdy rubber outsole, and supportive stride, these shoes look and feel great and are an excellent choice for busy nurses.


  • Solid heel support ideal for heel spurs and other foot disorders
  • Excellent arch support helps those with a high arch
  • Two stylish color combinations to choose from


  • Do not come in white
  • Shoes are heavy
  • The toe box is wide

Check the price of the Hoka Arahi Running Shoe on Amazon.

5. Men’s Gaviota Running Shoe

Avoid foot problems with this uniquely-designed Men’s Gaviota Running Shoe.

Many nurses suffer from painful foot disorders like plantar faciitis, heel spurs, and swollen, tender feet. Most of this is due not wearing shoes that fit properly and provide the correct amount of support.

Standing on your feet for eight or more hours a day requires shoes that mold to the foot and provide support in all of the right areas.

These shoes do that. They are excellent from those that suffer from arch issues because the Arch-Lock wings provide superior support at the midsole.

These shoes are lightweight enough to run in but sturdy enough to withstand a long, 12-hour shift.

The upper portion of the shoe is breathable and allows air to circulate in and around the foot, keeping your feet and the shoes cool and dry while they are being worn.

There’s additional padding on the tongue and collar of the shoe so you don’t have to worry about blisters, sores, and abrasions from fabric rubbing up against your skin.

It comes in several stylish colors like Bluestone Black Iris and Black/Caribbean Sea.

You’ll be the most comfortable and fashionable nurse on the floor with these amazing shoes from Hoka.


  • Arch-Lock wings provide arch support
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable upper


  • Runs small
  • Narrow toe box
  • Tread isn’t durable

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Shoe Buying Guide for Nurses

A nurse shoe buying guide to help if you’re trying to find the perfect Hoka shoes for nurses.

1. Breathable

One of the biggest complaints from nurses is that their feet get hot and sweaty during their shift.

Breathable fabrics like mesh and nylon keep the feet cool and dry by allowing air to seep in through the tiny holes in the fabric.

This air then circulates the feet, keeping them dry, cool, and comfortable the entire time they’re being worn.

2. Rubber Outsole

Shoes with a rubber outsole are a necessity for nurses that encounter many different obstacles during their shift. Things like:

  • Spills
  • Wet floors
  • Changeable flooring such as carpet to hardwood or tile to concrete

The rubber provides a solid grip on any surface so nurses don’t have to worry about slipping and falling and becoming a patient themselves.

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3. Toe Box

The toe box is the portion of the shoe where the toes are placed when they’re being worn.

A toe box that is too narrow can lead to blisters, calluses, corns, and cramped toes. If a toe box is too narrow, this problem can often be solved by purchasing a wide version of the shoe (source).

On the other hand, a toe box that is too wide can allow the foot to slip and slide inside of the shoe. This problem can be avoided by wearing thicker socks or by sizing down.

4. Arch Support

Whether you have high arches, low arches, or no arches at all, it’s important to support them properly with shoes that fit correctly.

Most shoes come with standard arch support, but others come with added cushioning around the midsole for those who need it.

If shoes don’t come with the kind of arch support you need, you can add extra support on your own with orthotics or over-the-counter arch supports.

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5. Toe Cap

If you wear through the toes of your shoes quickly, an extended toe cap may be in order.

A toe cap is an extra layer of fabric placed around the front of the shoe where the toes are located.

It may also be made from other materials like rubber or plastic. This additional material keeps the toes from poking holes in the front of the shoe and making them unwearable (source).

6. Heel Support

Many nurses end up suffering from foot disorders like heel spurs because the shoes they are wearing don’t offer the correct heel support.

A heel area that has too much cushion can flatten out over time and lead to heel spurs. A solid, supportive heel with a small amount of cushion is ideal to avoid problems like heel spurs.

7. Tread

Just like the tread on a tire, the tread on the bottom of a shoe provides traction and helps avoid slippage.

When the tread wears out over time, the shoes need to be replaced to avoid accidents. Tread made from sturdy materials like rubber is more likely to last longer (source).

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for durable shoes that will withstand long hours or shoes that are specifically designed to treat certain foot disorders, the Hoka brand provides several excellent options.

Wearing the correct shoes can truly make a difference for nurses and can make you more productive and comfortable during your shift.

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