Aside from being able to care for patients, flexibility makes nursing one of the best jobs you can have (especially if you have a family).

Whether you want to work in a doctor’s office, from home, in an elementary school, or in different areas of the country, you’ll find plenty of jobs that are available to fit your needs.

Here are six of the best flexible nursing jobs you can find.

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Best Flexible Nursing Jobs

1. School Nurse

This is more of a video on tips for school nurses. It’s one of the better videos I could find. It still gives you a pretty good idea of some of the things school nurses do.

School nurses have an amazing opportunity to be able to interact with students, provide care, and assist in cultivating a healthy childhood for their patients.

The average school nurse salary is between $48,000 and $66,000 per year.


  • School nurses work only when school is in session. This means a very flexible schedule with no nights, weekends, holidays, or summers and allows you to be home with your family.
  • Many nurses work with minimal oversight, which means you have more control over your workday and the care you provide for your patients.


  • If you need a schedule that keeps you busy throughout the year to support your family, this may not be the job for you.
  • Those who want a large volume of patients may be disappointed, as some days can be busier than others depending on what is going on with students at the time.

This is a good job for nurses with a family who really want their work schedule to mirror their kid’s school schedule.

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2. Doctor’s Office Nurse

If you’re planning on entering into a doctor’s office to work, you’ll be taking vitals, documenting care, educating patients on their condition, and more.


  • Doctor’s offices have typical schedules that are Monday through Friday from 9-5. If you want a standard work schedule that goes year-round, this is a good choice.
  • You may find you can get off early some days if patients do not schedule into the afternoon, which takes a lot of stress off of school pick-ups and ensures no missed date nights with your significant other!


  • Working in a doctor’s office can be monotonous for some nurses who desire more excitement in their workday.
  • You’re scheduled in accordance with your doctor’s schedule, which could mean working on days you would rather be enjoying time with your family.

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3. Freelance Nurse Writer

Freelance nurse writers have one of the most flexible positions available.

And, with a variety of clients and topics to write on, boredom is rarely an issue!


  • Freelance nurse writers set their own schedules. As long as you meet your client’s deadlines, you can work when and where you want which allows you to make more time for your kids and significant other.
  • Unlike other positions, there are no income limits to what you can make as a nurse freelance writer. Once you build your business, you can charge your own rates and work as much as you need in order to make the money you require.


  • Setting your own schedule and workday can be difficult. If you want the flexibility of a freelance nurse writer, it’s important to be a self-starter and stay motivated.
  • As with any business, the startup can be difficult. If you haven’t started freelance writing yet, it’s normal to have a slow start while you build up your clientele.

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Pro Tip:
This is one of the best nursing jobs with flexible hours.

The money can be really good.

The downside is it requires a lot of discipline and you might not initially make a lot of money until you build up your clientele.

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4. Home Health Nurse

This career is not only flexible, but it’s also highly rewarding.

Home health nurses can help to improve their patient’s day-to-day life without the constraints of a hectic hospital schedule.

And, making an average of $33 an hour, you’ll have enough income to support your family.


  • Home health nurses are able to work on their own, which is ideal for nurses who want to maintain control over their nursing practices (within reason).
  • Many home health agencies will allow you to set your schedule with your patients, which assists with greater schedule flexibility.


  • As a home health nurse, you are often visiting patients who are chronically ill. This can become tiresome after a while for those who are not cut out for this type of job and unless caution is used, you could find work stress spilling over into your personal and family life.
  • Some patients may require very strict or set schedules, which can impact the flexibility of this position.

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5. Hospice Nurse

Hospice nurses are a special breed, and they enjoy a large amount of flexibility in their job.

As a hospice nurse, your job is to provide end-of-life care to both patients and their families.


  • Very few positions are as rewarding to someone who is geared toward hospice nursing. You will be able to maintain flexibility while guiding someone through their last days and ensuring that their comfort is maintained as much as possible.
  • Many hospice nurses are able to set their own schedule or work with patients who are able to fit their desired work schedule.


  • End-of-life care can be traumatic, devastating, and highly emotional for patients, their family members, and nurses. Many nurses find that this type of stress is not something that they are willing or able to handle.
  • Due to the situation surrounding the job, family members can become hostile, angry, or require a lot of emotional care during this time. Before taking on this role, be sure that you can handle a wide range of intense emotions from the family.

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6. Travel Nurse

This is a position that makes nursing truly unique.

The ability to travel the country (or the world) and get paid to do so makes it highly flexible and sought after.

The average travel nurse makes between $79,000-$108,000 per year.


  • Travel nursing allows you to work all over the country, which is about as flexible as it gets! This provides excellent experiences for those who are not ready to settle down yet but are still looking for a place to call home.
  • As a travel nurse, you ‘ll be able to experience different cultures from state to state, as well as interact with different patient population types.


  • This position can be difficult if you have a family, but there are ways to handle travel nursing with a family on board!
  • Keep in mind that many agencies require a set contract. Once you enter into your contract, plan on staying in the same place for as long as this dictates (often 6 months to 1 year or to meet census needs). Those who are travel nursing with a family in tow can find this lack of stability to be a challenge.

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Travel nursing may or may not be a good flexible nursing job option depending on your circumstances.

While the contracts might lock you into a place for 8 or more weeks, the real flexibility is in between the contracts.

For example, you might decide to work for 8 weeks in Texas than be off for a couple of weeks and then work another contract in another state.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a nurse (or getting ready to become one), there is no shortage in flexible nursing positions available.

Do you work in a flexible position as a nurse? Fill us in on what you love (or hate) about your job in the comments below!

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Frequently Asked Questions R/T Flexible Nursing Jobs

  1. What kind of nursing jobs can I do from home?

    Some of the nursing jobs you can do from home include RN case manager and freelance nurse writer.

  2. What are the highest paying RN jobs?

    Some of the highest paying RN jobs include surgical nursing and orthopedic nurse.

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