5 Best Watches for Nurses (in 2019)

This article is about the best watches for nurses.

Because as a nurse we could get by without a watch, but honestly it really does make our job a little harder without one.

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As a nurse, you have a lot to think about, from tracking patients’ vitals to documenting in patient’s charts (I’m sure you’ve heard this enough…if it’s not documented it didn’t happen).

Of course, giving out medication at the right time on top of everything else you’re tasked to do. With so much expected from you organization and of course time management is a must.

This gets us to the point of this article. A watch can make it easier to keep yourself organized and make efficient use of your time.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Why do I need a watch when I have my smartphone?”

There are a couple of reasons why you need a watch even in the age of the smartphone.

  1. Watches come without the added distractions of a smartphone clock.
  2. Pulling out your phone doesn’t look very professional.
  3. With voice recording, video and camera capabilities of every smartphone it’s a HIPPA violation waiting to happen.

Here’s another question you’re probably thinking about.

“Why do I need a watch when every hospital room has a clock?”

Not every hospital room or area you’ll need a timer has one that’s available or working. In short, watches always come in handy, especially when running from unit to unit or finding yourself in a clock-less area.

Best Watches for Nurses

Here are a few of our favorite watches from Amazon. Before I get to the list, we know how frustrating it is searching for the best product.

In this case, searching for the best watch, you can wear to work. If you’re tired of looking and you have an iPhone get the Apple Watch.

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The Apple watch is one of the slickest watches on the market. Beautiful design and functionality you can’t go wrong with the Apple watch.

If you don’t have an iPhone or a smartwatch is not your thing. Than check out

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28mm stainless steel bezel. The Speidel Women’s Scrub Petite Watch is also water resistant up to 160ft(50m).

Plus it has a silicone banding which means all that hand washing won’t even phase this watch. It comes in 4 different band colors black, navy, pink, and white.

The cool thing about this watch is even thought it has an analog face (it has hands) it can tell military time (24h).

It does this by time markers written on the front of the watch, so you never have to calculate military time in your head.

If you’re wanting to buy and run the watches mentioned above would be our top picks. If you’re wanting more options than keep reading because we have a couple more watches for you to think about.

1. Nurse Mates Women’s Uni-Watch

Check out the Uniwatch on Amazon

This sleek women’s watch makes a style statement while also providing comfort and ease. It’s got an easy-to-read clock face that can also show military time.

The watch face features large numbers for ease of use; plus, it’s water resistant. The wrist strap is made of rubber silicone and adjusts between six and a half and eight inches in length.

It has a metal buckle, which makes securing the strap easier. This watch comes in two colors: black and white.

The black version features pink numbers while the white one has black numbers. There is a step second-hand watch.

There are plenty of great things about the Nurse Mates Women’s Uni-Watch. First of all, the adjustable wrist strap ensures that it will fit just about everyone.

Plus, the metal buckle is much sturdier than a plastic one. The numbers are pretty large, so it’s quite easy to read with just a glance down at your wrist.

There isn’t a loud ticking sound either; it’s very quiet. The soft rubber band is very comfortable and won’t bother nurses as they work long shifts.

And this watch is super easy to clean; just rub it with a wet paper towel and a bit of soap.

On the downside, this watch shows the Nurse Mates logo on the watch face, which may be a turn-off for some people.

There isn’t a backlight so you can’t read the time in the dark. An alarm function could come in handy for nurses, but this watch doesn’t have that capability.

Another potential disadvantage is that it’s a bit large for a women’s watch. Moreover, the product description says that it’s a water-resistant watch, but this doesn’t mean that it’s waterproof.

The watch face might cloud up when you wash your hands or get sweaty. Fortunately, this goes away a few hours after taking it off.

2. Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch

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This watch features quartz movement and a 24-hour dial. It can be read in military time, and it’s water-resistant.

It has a stark white band, and the clock face is white with black numbers and a red second hand.

It comes with a resin case, and the band is resin too. The full length of the watch is nine inches.

The Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch is an inexpensive option. The white color fits in well with a nurse’s scrubs, and the wrist strap is comfortable.

In fact, the smooth resin band won’t trap lots of bacteria as other watches with grooved wrist straps do.

The watch features red second hands that are easily distinguishable, which is good for taking vitals.

It features military time, which also comes in handy for nurses making their rounds. The numbers on the clock face are very easy to read.

There are a few negative aspects of this watch. Firstly, it only comes in one color: white. It’s kind of bland and even looks a bit cheap.

The material doesn’t look as if it has much-staying power so the holes for the buckle might tear after a few uses.

This watch doesn’t have a backlight so you can’t read it in the dark.

It’s got a step second hand, which may bother people who would rather have a sweeping second-hand watch.

Men might be able to wear it if they have small enough wrists, but it’s mainly geared towards women.

The biggest customer complaint about this product is its loud ticking sound, which can distract from counting heartbeats and is just a pain to listen to all day.

3. Apple Watch

Check out the Reviews on Amazon

The latest Apple Watch installment is the Series 4. It features a digital crown with haptic feedback, which is a fancy way of saying that the clock face is a touchscreen, just the same as iPhones.

It contains a gyroscope and accelerator so it can pick up your movement. It’s got a 64-bit dual-core processor and speakers that have adjustable volume.

It has GPS capability and can read your heartbeat. The main goal of this watch is to keep you healthy and active.

The Series 4 has a longer battery life than its predecessors.

This is a watch that’s actually water-resistant. It comes in a 40mm or 44mm size so both men and women can wear it comfortably.

It’s also available in a variety of colors and styles such as aluminum, stainless steel, pink, and gold.

The fitness features on this watch are outstanding as it can help you track your goals, monitor your heart rate, and keep a record of your steps.

You can do several daily tasks hands-free such as make calls, listen to music, and read messages.

You should be prepared to shell out big bucks for this watch because it is wildly expensive. This is not a cheap for watch for nurses.

While most of these other watches can be found for under $30, if you can get the Apple watch series 4 for under $500 it would be a steal.

It uses the Apple operating system, so it’s not the best choice if you have an Android.

With so many features, this watch could be distracting so it might not be ideal for a nurse. It’s tempting to want to pay more attention to this accessory than a patient.

4. Fitbit Alta

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The Fitbit Alta comes in two sizes: small (5.5″-6.7″) and large (6.7″-8.1″). There are also different colored bands to choose from such as black, blue, plum, teal, and pink.

It tracks your activity all day long, including your sleep. You can also hook it up to your smartphone, so it sends notifications straight to the watch.

The face of the watch measures just 0.61 inches, so it looks more as if it is a wristband than a timepiece.

The clock face is an OLED tap display, and the battery can last up to five days without recharging.

If you’re into sleek style, the Fitbit has got you covered. Its narrow design creates a smooth, streamlined look for men and women.

Something that nurses will appreciate is that this watch can go and go without needing a recharge, which is perfect for 12-hour shifts.

It stays out of the way and won’t feel clunky on the wrist. The tap display makes it easy to read the time and your fitness stats.

Plus, you can customize the layout to your liking. If you have a larger wrist, there is an XL option that measures 8.1″-9.3″ in circumference.

Some downsides to keep in mind. This watch can be expensive so keep a look out if you see it drop below $100.

Also, the smartphone compatibility only works if the phone is near the watch, so it’s not the most reliable.

Another downside is that if you lose the Fitbit charger, you’re out of luck since it’s totally unique to the watch.

Over time, the clock face may pull away from the band, which might explain why the Fitbit has interchangeable wristbands.

5. Casio Men’s Sport Analog Dive Watch

Check out reviews of the Casio Watch

The Casio Men’s Sport Analog Dive Watch packs a lot of punch for its modest price tag. It’s got 12/24-hour timekeeping capabilities as well as Japanese quartz movement.

The clock face displays the day and date, and there are hour, minute, and second hands.

It has a 44.6mm face and large, easy-to-read numbers. This watch has a rotating bezel and an easily adjustable comfort band.

This is an inexpensive option that looks as if you spent more money on it than you did.

One of its most impressive features is its water resistance up to 330 feet deep.

For how cheap the Casio Sport’s Watch may be, it’s quite durable, which will come in handy for nurses on their 8-, 12-, and 16-hour shifts.

Not to mention moving and turning patients. It’s also lightweight compared to other men’s watches, so it’s good for when you’re running all over the place.

Since it’s only suitable for men, we’ll consider that a potential disadvantage. The watch was distinctly designed to be useful rather than being practical for nurses.

Part of the reason I say that is because there are lots of grooves and ridges on the band and clock rim that could harvest bacteria.

It only comes in black, so your choices are limited. There isn’t a backlight so forget about reading the time in the dark.

Judging from the customer reviews, the band has a tendency to break down after not much use or time.

Bonus #6. Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Check Price at Aamzon.com

Here is a watch that will suit both men and women. There is the option of a 38mm and a 40mm case diameter plus many band styles to choose, from girly to basic to classic.

It can tell military time, and the dial has a backlight. The Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch is water-resistant and has a scratch-resistant mineral case.

It also has the reputation of being a Timex watch, albeit one of the cheaper ones.

The backlight is a huge deal since none of the other watches on this list have one. You’ll also appreciate that the band doesn’t get caught on stuff and the case doesn’t scratch easily.

It provides excellent quality for the price, and the quartz movement makes it very accurate.

This is a watch that looks as if you could take it for a day trip, but it still fits perfectly into a professional setting.

There are endless styles so a guy or a gal could tailor this watch to his or her personality.

One small negative is that the watch ticks a bit loudly but not as loud as some other timepieces.

Another snag is that sometimes the second-hand falls between the indices on the watch face, which can mess you up when counting beats.

How to Choose the Right Watch

It turns out that watches were the primary accessory for nurses back in the day.

While they were discouraged from wearing jewelry, watches were permitted because they helped with daily nursing tasks.

Back then, nurses wore pendant or fob watches that clipped onto their uniforms.

This way, they didn’t have to worry about their wristwatches catching on equipment or scratching a patient.

Some nursing professionals prefer these timepieces while others have taken to wristwatches. But what makes a good watch for a nurse?

1 | Military Time

Nurses can’t just choose any old watch; they need a few different features in order for it to be able to work on the job.

The first function that’s important to a nurse is military time.

This isn’t always easy to find with analog watches, but the options in this review guide point out some possibilities.

Military time is often used in the healthcare setting so having a watch that does the conversion for you makes a big difference.

2 | Having a Second Hand

Another feature that’s necessary is a second-hand dial.

Whether you prefer a sweeping or a step second hand, it’s crucial for monitoring vitals such as heart rate.

This is extremely helpful because there are times when you might not have a clock in your line of vision.

After all, there is no typical day in the office for a nurse.

You might work in the OR, in the ER, or in a doctor’s office seeing various patients and situations each day.

You don’t want to be bothered with asking how long it’s been since this or that happened. That’s why having a watch is ideal.

3 | Waterproof/Water Resistance

As a nurse you’re constantly washing your hands. You need to make sure to pick a watch that’s at least water resistant and can handle splashes of water.

Some watches will claim to be waterproof or water resistance but fog after coming in contact with water.

Try to avoid those watches. While many times you can still read the watch. Sometimes you can’t, and even still it can be a little annoying.

4 | The Weight of the Watch

The weight of the watch can make a difference in comfort. Personally I prefer heavier watches. But I know many nurses don’t.

You’re going to be using your hands and arms all day. If you get a watch that’s too heavy it can start being a little uncomfortable.

5 | Backlight

I don’t know why they still make watches without any backlight or a way to read them in the dark, but they do.

Be mindful of that feature. It might not necessarily be a deal breaker but it can make the watch hard to read in dimly lit areas.

6 | Date Indicator

Alright this one might not be a big deal to many of you. But it’s something I look for when I’m looking for a watch. It never fails.

When I’m witnessing a consent or signing another form I’m always looking for what the date is. That’s why the watches I wear during my shift usually has a date indicator.



When choosing a nurse’s watch, consider your price range. Also, consider the features that are must-haves for you.

This might be a backlight, military time, and a sweeping second hand. How big do you want the watch face to be?

Is there a certain material that you would prefer for the wristband?

Another good idea is to check out reviews from other Amazon customers to see how they’ve gotten on with their watches.

This accessory may seem basic, but it’s actually a common standard for many nurses’ uniforms.

Frequently Asked Questions on Good Watches for Nurses

picture of a watching with the writing 5 best watches for nurses

Where to Buy Nurses Watch?

There are several stores and online retailers you can use to find the perfect nurses watch.

Amazon.com is typically my default retailer to buy products from and a watch for my nursing shift is no exception.

Some other retailers would of course be Walmart and Target. If you’re buying a smart watch than a retailer like Best Buy is not a bad pick either.

Is there a big difference between nurse watches with sweeping second hand and those that are not?

From my experience no, not really. Much of it is based on preference. You can buy a poor quality or a good nurse watch in either category. Our list contains one from each category. Personally I prefer the step second hand watches, but that’s more preference than it is functional.

Do you have any questions on buying the best watch for nurses?

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