Are you just restricted to the state of your nursing program? Or do you have options?

Here’s what you need to know about where you can take the NCLEX after graduation.

Can You Take Your NCLEX in a Different State?

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Yes, you can take the NCLEX in a different state from where you went to nursing school. The NCLEX is a national exam, therefore nursing school graduates can take it in any state of their choosing.

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The NCLEX is a National Exam

The first thing you need to understand is that the NCLEX is a national exam. What that means is that everybody takes the same NCLEX exam.

There’s no difference. The nursing graduate in Oklahoma will be taking the same NCLEX exam as the student in upper New York or Hawaii.

What About International?

Even from an international perspective, students are still taking the same NCLEX exam. The only difference there is that it’s being administered in a Pearson Vue facility in another country.

How to Take the NCLEX in a Different State

Generally, taking the NCLEX in a different state is as easy as just enrolling in a Pearson Vue testing facility in that state.

I had a coworker that did that. He went to a program in Oklahoma, and when it came time to take the NCLEX, he wanted to take it as soon as possible.

The earliest time slot was in Texas, so he scheduled it there.

This is Different From Your licensing State

Please note that where you take the NCLEX is different from where you’ll be licensed to work as a nurse.

So in the above scenario, while my coworker went down to Texas to take the NCLEX, he was going to become licensed to work in Oklahoma.

Where you’ll be licensed to work (i.e., the state you’ll be practicing in) will be a conversation you’ll need to have with your nursing program.

How to Be Successful on the NCLEX Regardless of Where You Take it

Now that I’ve covered it doesn’t matter where you take your NCLEX in let’s talk about how you can be successful on the NCLEX regardless of where you take it.

There’s a series of steps you can take so you pass the NCLEX the first time but one of the most important steps is to get a good NCLEX prep course.

The NCLEX prep course I recommend boasts an almost 100% pass rate and is one of the very best on the market. You can check it out here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t have to take the NCLEX in the state you’re going to work in. You can take it in any state. You need to make sure the board of nursing you’re dealing with (to get your authorization to test) is the BON for the state you’re going to work in.

You can take the NCLEX in any state you want. The important thing is to register with the board of nursing of the state you will be working in.

Yes, you can take the NCLEX in one state and be licensed in another. The main thing is to be registered in the state BON you will be working in.

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