If you took the NCLEX on Thursday, you’re probably wondering what happens now? What should be your next move?

Do you really have to wait all weekend to find out if you passed the NCLEX?

Here’s the answer.

What To Do After Taking the NCLEX on Thursday?

After taking the NCLEX on Thursday, you should plan on celebrating and relaxing over the weekend. In many cases, the earliest you’ll know if you passed or failed the NCLEX will be Monday. In some instances, your state BON may post your score over the weekend.

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Just to name a few.

Relax and De-Stress After Taking the NCLEX

I know you’re not going to want to, and this will probably fall on deaf ears, but you should try to relax after taking your NCLEX.

Even if you don’t want to relax, there’s a chance you won’t know how well you did for a while.

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the official results could take up to 6 weeks to post.


Most likely, it won’t take that long since many state BONs will probably have it posted by the following week. Some may even post it over the weekend. Either way, it’s something to keep in mind.

Quickest Way to Find Out If You Passed the NCLEX

If you want to know if you passed the NCLEX before the official results, you have some options.

1. Pearson Vue NCLEX Trick (PVT)

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I’ve written some articles on the Pearson Vue NCLEX trick you can check out.

In short, it’s a trick passed down from nursing student to nursing student on the way to see if you passed the NCLEX about 4 hours after taking it.

It works by seeing if the Pearson Vue website will let you schedule another exam. Check out the linked article above for more information.


Please take note that I don’t typically recommend doing the PVT because it’s not 100% accurate but check out that article for more information.

2. The NCLEX Quick Results

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The NCLEX quick results is an option for you to buy unofficial results from Pearson Vue’s website.

Not all states participate in this, so depending on where you live, you might not have it as an option. Check out the linked article on the quick results for more information.

Pass or Fail Here Are Your Options

Here are some things you should consider whether you failed or passed the NCLEX.

If You Passed the NCLEX

If you passed, then CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just completed the last hurdle to becoming a licensed nurse.

The next thing is to start looking for jobs. Hopefully, you already have one lined up. If not, check out the NurseMoneyTalk job board.

Here are 3 articles I think could help you out in this department.

Lastly, I think you should consider the New Nurse Academy. It’s a course for new nurses that’ll cover many concepts you’ll deal with as a new nurse grad.

New Nurse Academy
Trusted by 430,000+ future nurses and new nurses everywhere. Check out the course that helps new nurses bridge the gap and transition smoothly to becoming nurses.

If You Failed the NCLEX

If you failed, you should consider checking out this article I wrote on what to do after failing the NCLEX.

In a nutshell, failure does NOT define you. I even gave an example of someone who failed the NCLEX 10+ times and eventually passed.

The second thing is to consider what you could have done differently. One of those things is to get a good NCLEX prep course.

This is the NCLEX prep course that I recommend. They also boast an almost 100% pass rate.

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