Here’s my video on if you have to be good at science or math to be a nurse. If you don’t like the video or need more information, keep reading below. You can go here to find and apply to nursing programs.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed among individuals considering nursing school is the math and science requirements.

These courses often involve a different type of learning process that can be daunting and overwhelming.

Do I Have to Be Good at Math and Science?

No, you do not have to be “good” at math and science to get into nursing school (and finish). You simply have to have a desire to succeed and a strong work ethic. With those two things, you can do anything (including getting into nursing school!)

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How Can I Get Through Math and Science?

Math and science are generally required during your prereqs.

They are critical to the nursing profession because they give you a broader understanding of:

  • The human body and mind and how they work
  • What happens when things go wrong
  • How they can be fixed with both modern and holistic medicines and therapies.

But getting through the classes can still be hard, and we are here to help with some tips on making it through them and what to expect.

Statistics and the Birth of Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale, who infamously saved thousands of lives during the Crimean War, was able to do so with the help of statistics.

She realized that sanitary conditions in the barracks were poor and were causing more death to soldiers than the actual war itself.

It is her work as a statistician that saved so many lives and is a major reason that statistics is a required course in many nursing programs.

Science and You: Why it Matters and How to Make it Through

While the math requirements are not significant for nursing, the importance of science cannot be overstated.

It is critical for you to have a deep understanding of how the human body functions, not only to grasp nursing concepts but also to excel in your future career as a nurse.

However, studying for science requires some tweaking to normal memorization techniques.

While many classes allow for straight memorization, science is not the case. Here’s how to get through it, from one science shy student to another.

1. Picmonic

There isn’t enough that could be said about Picmonic. Nursing students use this during their prerequisites, all the way through their pharmacology classes, and more.

Designed specifically for nursing students, this tool uses pictures and stories to help you remember various processes within the body.

Find Nursing Programs
Search our school database to find schools and get information on the right programs for you. (Don’t worry, it’s fast and free!)

2. Study Groups

Talking through processes and concepts is a great way to help remember them.

Forming study groups allows for you to get questions answered, find the external motivation to continue studying, and can even help you build an emotional support group (because, frankly, you might need it during some higher-level courses!)

Don’t try to go it alone, find your tribe and study on!

3. Whiteboards

Whiteboards will be your best friend. They allow you to rewrite information over and over again without creating a mess of papers, exploding pens, and broken pencil tips.

Try drawing out concepts instead of writing them if that works best for you, or mix and match a combination of different study techniques.

Regardless, invest in a good size whiteboard (on Amazon) because some of them (looking at you, cellular respiration) can take up a ton of space.

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Key Takeaways

Math and science may not be the easiest subjects for most people, but they’re doable. Hang in there, ask questions, form groups, and study, study, study.

You can make it through!

If you’re still deciding on a nursing program. You can search for nursing programs in your area here.

Have you made it through math and science for your nursing prereqs? How’d it go?

Let us know in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible to become a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical or vocational nurse (LPN and LVN) even if you’re not very good at math.

Becoming a nurse is possible even if you’re not very good at science.

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