This article is going to cover retirement gift ideas for nurses. Because we know buying nurse retirement gifts can be difficult.

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Are you looking for a retirement gifts for a nurse that you know? We’ve got you covered with some great nurse retirement gift ideas. Are you looking for DIY nurse retirement gifts?

Maybe just a little something-something, so you’re not the only one that shows up without gifts for a nurse retirement party .

Either way, look no further.

1. “You Can’t Scare Me I’m a Retired Nurse” Coffee Mug

Nurses drink a lot of coffee.

A lot.

Nurses and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly.

During retirement, nurses will continue to keep drinking coffee because it’s just a way of life for us nurses.

Except this time they’ll get to drink it leisurely in the morning.

As opposed to gulping it down in the morning to hurry up and make it work on time.

Or frantically in between patient care.

Get them the
“You Can’t Scare Me I’m a Retired Nurse” coffee mug on

2. “Happiness is Retirement” Charm Bracelet

Jewelry can be a good gift if you know the style of the person. One of the few exceptions is charm bracelets.

They’re usually cute and simple. They are the ideal jewelry gift. The nurse you give it to can start adding their own charms to it.

Check out the price of the
“Happiness is Retirement” charm bracelet on

3. Keepsake Box “Retired Nurse Poem

A keepsake box is perfect for storing jewelry, mementos and of course keepsakes.

This keepsake box comes with a nurse retirement poem written in front of it that starts with…

“You’ve put many miles into your nursing shoes as you’ve walked tirelessly down many halls…”

You can check out the rest of the poem and the price of the
keepsake box here on

4. Personalized Nurse Retirement Plaque

Giving a plaque is like presenting an award.

If the nurse retiring is a nurse you know that’s been a stellar nurse this would make the perfect gift.

They give you an option to personalize the plaque with the nurse’s name.

Check the price of the personalized nurse retirement plaque on Amazon.

5. The Amazon Kindle

For the avid reader, this is a must.

This is a little pricier nurse retirement gift, but if it’s your mom, dad or a close friend this makes the perfect gift.

  • Is the retiring nurse accustomed to reading multiple books a month?

  • Do you see them carrying multiple books around with them?

If either one of those is a yes consider getting them the Kindle e-reader.

With the Kindle e-reader (not the Kindle tablet), you can carry hundreds of books in an easy to carry format that’s smaller than most books.

As someone who has the Kindle, I can’t imagine going back to reading traditional books.

If you’ve never heard of the Amazon Kindle checkout this video.

Check out the price of the Kindle eReader on Amazon.

6. “101 Fun Things to Do in Retirement” (Book)

One of the things nurse retirees will face is figuring out what to do once they retire.

Many nurses will think it’s not a big deal. They think they’ll get to do “all” the things they’ve always wanted to do.

What they’ll quickly realize is just how much time work took.

They’ll also realize they can’t think of enough things to do to make up the time.

101 Fun Things to Do in Retirement gives them ideas of what they can do in retirement. Check out the price on

Fun hobbies and activities they can do with their new found freedom.

7. Scented Candles

Candles are popular gifts for a reason.

Candles set moods, and they bring a certain flavor to any room they’re lit.

Help your retired nurse friend or family member discover a new smell by getting a scented candle. Checkout the price on

8. “Retired Nurse Just Like a Regular Nurse Except Way Happier” T-Shirt

Get your favorite retired nurse a t-shirt.

Let them express to everyone how happy they’re doing to be in retirement.

This shirt is lightweight and has a classic fit.

The shirt also has a double needle sleeve.

Get the retired nurse t-shirt on

9. Personalized Success Clock with Engravings

Another personalized nurse retirement gift.

This clock comes with the engravings…

“Success is not something that happens in the future, success is made up of little steps taken right now.”

You can also have the retiring nurse name engraved on the clock.

You don’t have to stop at the name.

You can have their years of service and other messages engraved on the clock.

A practical and personalized nurse retirement gift.

Order the personalized success clock on

10. “Cheers to Retirement” Beer Mug

I’m not sure what more to say.

I think the mug speaks for itself. Cheers to retirement.

11. Happy Retirement Golf Balls

For the retiring nurse golfer.

If you know they play golf, guess what?

They’re going to be going to be playing more golf when they retire.

Go ahead and get them the Happy Retirement Golf Ball set on Amazon.

While you’re at it, you might want to look at…

12. “My Retirement Plan is On Course” T-shirt

Golfers like to golf. So why not?

13. Putter Golf Mug Set


You know I just realized I have 3 retirement gift ideas for nurses that are golf related.

You would think I’m an avid golf fan.

Which I’m really not. I’ve played a handful of times.

I just know golfers like their golf.

If your retiring nurse friend likes to play golf than they’re going to love one of these golf gifts.

14. Personalized Retirement Photo Frame

Pictures say a thousand words.

A personalized photo frame is a way to share a thousand words.

Or a thousand memories.

Give them the gift of a thousand memories with the personalized retirement photo frame.

Before buying the photo frame, you get the option to add the retiring nurse’s name and retirement date.

15. A Gift Card

I know.

I know.

You don’t want to give a gift card.

It’s too boring.

It’s not original.

I’ve never really found gift cards boring as long as they’re well thought out.

If you’re getting a gift card make sure it’s a place you know for sure they’re going to use.

Do they like to go to fancy or unique restaurants?

If so, what’s the restaurant and can you get a gift card to it?

Are they a tools person? Or a DIY person.

A gift card to Lowes or Home Depot would make perfect gifts.

The gift cards don’t have to be big dollars.

The thought is sufficient.

All else fails get a gift card to Amazon, Walmart, or Target.


I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

I know coming up with a good nurse gift can be challenging.

Even if you don’t purchase any of the retirement gift ideas I gave, I hope it does inspire your gift purchase.

I’ll leave you with these with any gift purchase it’s the thought that matters.

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